Fossils Last Stand Review Viral Videos:

Fossils Last Stand review shared an incident involving a Lyft driver from Pennsylvania and its impact on the customer rating for the restaurant.

You are looking for the latest viral video of a Lyft driver and his passengers arguing? After being posted on Sunday, the video went viral and has received over 600,000.00 views on Twitter.

James Bode was attacked by two of his passengers while he was waiting at Fossils Last Stand in Catasauqua. Read Fossils last Stand Review to learn more.

Review for Fossils Last Stand:

Viral videos on Twitter and Facebook have made the restaurant extremely unhappy. People are furious at the comments made by the taxi driver. Fossil owned most of these platforms, but they were not easily accessible.

Fossil’s TripAdvisor rating is four stars from five reviews. It also has a 4.2 rating on Facebook from 642 votes. Yelp.com’s rating has suffered the most, as angry users are giving 0 and 1 ratings. Some ratings do not consider the incident.

Fossils Pennsylvania Last Stand Cab Incident:

Jackie, a Lyft driver, reached out to Jackie to book the ride in her name at Fossil Last Stand restaurant. Jackie said that the driver looked normal and spoke English. Bode was annoyed and asked Jackie to repeat this sentence.

James informed the client that all these events were captured by car dash cameras. Bode informed the man outside of the car about the conversation.

Bode, the Fossils last stand Pennsylvania owner refused to ride with him and demanded they get off the cab. The man became angry and threatened Lyft driver with assault, and then hurled racist remarks at him.

Viral Videos:

The incident occurred on the 13th May and Bode posted it to his Facebook account that same day. James stated that Fossils Stand appears to belong to them, though he isn’t sure. He stated that the passenger had been subject to assault threats and racial insults.

Fossils: Last Stand Review , and people’s reactions:

The passengers were strongly criticized by netizens who have written negative reviews about Fossils. This is a judgment based on race, color, or language. Yelp.com reviews have given this establishment a zero to one rating for inappropriate owner comments.


According to internet research, a video about this incident was posted by Adam, a political strategist on Twitter. It is expected to reach one million views. This incident is an opportunity for people to have an objective opinion on other communities and judge others on merit.

Fossils Review believes others should follow Bode’s lead in cases of racial disparagement. You can comment on the incident.