Free API Services That Will Up Your Development Game 

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a set of definitions and protocols for building and integrating different application software. In simple terms, it acts like an intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other for functioning. 

For example, when you use an application on your mobile phone like Facebook or Instagram, the application sends data to a server. This data can be anything you type in or click on specific options on the app.

The server then interprets the data by performing specific actions and sends it back to the app. The app then analyses that data and provides the user with the information/page, etc. You can use API free to create a hassle-free experience for users.

List of Free APIs

APIs integrate new sets of rules or software with existing software systems. They are the essential building block for all mobile applications. Hence, you need to know the necessary APIs to up your development game for successfully running an app.

Here are the top five free APIs for integration into your projects or MVPs. Some of the APIs in this free API list come with full or partial features before you can upgrade to a paid tier.

  1. Mapbox API

You must have used google location services sometimes to navigate your way in a new location. The reliability of maps has increased in the modern day as people travel more than ever. To meet the demands, popular apps have been developed to cater to customer needs. 

If you want to develop or upgrade a user-friendly location app, Mapbox is undoubtedly a hit. It powers an array of location capabilities like maps service, search service, navigation service, etc. 

Pricing: It is a generous free tier API that covers primary usage during development. However, there are metered services for certain upgrades. You can also avail of volume discounts as your use grows.

  1. Exchange-rate API

The Exchange rate API helps you to access live currency exchange converters. This API navigates through multiple quotes worldwide, which means a ton of information. 

However, it ensures easy integration of the vast information with your app. The USP of this API is that it refreshes its data every 5 minutes, depending on your plan.

Pricing: This currency exchange free API is free of charge, so you can use it to reap maximum benefits. However, for upgrades, you can shift to the pro (10$) or business version (30$). 

  1. World Time API

If there is one thing that developers hate, it is the time crunch. Converting and accounting for time zones is essential to create an app that will serve people worldwide. You can outsource your time needs to a third-party API like World Time API. 

You get access to a list of time zones, including current time in any time zone or a known IP address. 

Pricing: It is a free API and requires no account or registration. However, you can upgrade to premium and plus after a 3-month completely free trial.

  1. Open Library Books API

People love and enjoy reading books while on vacation, traveling or just before bedtime. Perhaps, developing an app that recommends a list of bestsellers or building a book-reader community is on your mind. 

You will need a data-packed API to start. The Open Library books API is a free, publicly accessible interface to gather all and any information regarding trending and classic books. 

It is a flexible API that allows you to get hold of details using varying identifiers: ISBNs, OCLC Numbers, LCCNs and OLIDs (Open Library Identifiers). You can make single or multiple formats.

Pricing: It is a free, public, low-volume API. You can check the official website for further information.

  1. Postman Echo

While using an API to develop an app or a service, you should test that API. Postman Echo is an API to test APIs. One of the leading API tester platforms, Postman allows for building and using APIs. 

It has simplified each step of the API lifecycle, and the streamlined collaboration helps you to create better and faster APIs. You can test out secure APIs without additional API keys or user tokens. 

Pricing: You can choose from free, essential (12$), basic (29$) and enterprise plans (99$) de[ending on your requirements. Check out from of the best APIs from this list of free APIs to develop and modify your dream app.


Wrapping Up

APIs are the modern-day solution to modern-day demands. APIs allow coders and non-coders to manage online businesses hassle-free. They allow programs to transfer and communicate data efficiently. 

Free APIs can help build products using existing data and functionality if you are a developer looking to accelerate innovation. They provide user-friendly interfaces, which help increase the number of users of your application. 

Whether you are a business or an individual, free APIs can help you become a master of app development without spending much.