This post discusses Gambia being the correct word to refer to the 5th June Worldle.

Are you a Worldle fan? Do you have a problem with your guess? This post will help you guess the 5th June Worldle guess.

Worldle is a game where you must guess the country or region for the day. Gambia Wordle was the most-used Worldwide guess to win the 5th June Worldle. In this article, we will debate whether Gambia is the right option. We will also offer some Worldle advice to users. Let’s begin with a brief introduction to Worldle.

What’s Worldle?

Worldle is another word game. Antoniw Tuef developed this game and it focuses on guessing the country names in six attempts.

Worldle players who make incorrect estimates are notified of how far they are from the correct nation on a map. Some users may hide the country and rotate it randomly to make it more difficult.

Gambia Game: The Right Answer to 5th June Worldle Word

While we can answer the question quickly, we want to give our readers some clues on the correct country name to help them if they are stuck.

These are the Worldle Hints for the 5th of June 2022 Worldle Game.

  • Hint No. 1: This country is one among the African nations.
  • Hint No. 2: Six letters make up the country’s name.
  • Hint No. 3. The country’s economy is primarily dependent on the export and production of peanuts (groundnuts).
  • Hint No. 4: The nation’s first alphabet is G.

Correct Answer: Gambia

We now know Gambia Wordle has been correctly guessed. Let’s discuss which country name we should use to begin the game.

Which Country is the Best to Start in Worldle?

Start with the countries in the middle of the globe to get a solid foundation for your speculations about other locations. For those areas, it’s a good idea to start from Ghana.

Nearby nations include Burkina Faso and Togo. You can use any of them to predict similar outcomes.

Let’s look at the Gambia guess. If users had guessed an Asian country, it will be difficult to get the right answer. However, if users used Ghana as their first guess, they would have guessed closer, so you can guess accordingly.

You can also use Google to help you. Let’s say you first guess was Bhutan. The game will show that Bhutan is 8,673km away. You can then search Google for countries that are 8673km away from Bhutan.


Worldle is one the most exciting Wordle game variations. It requires a lot of effort.