Do you need gaming glasses? Are you a gamer? Do your eyes get hurt after a few hours of playing The Sims? Does your vision become blurry while you take a rest without playing the games? Do you wear blue light glasses? In this article, we are going to tell you about all the 

positive and negative aspects of them. You might agree with our observation after reading the article. 

The negative effect of gaming 

Monitors and televisions produce harsh blue light that is highly damaging to the eyes. These blue lights force our eyes to work harder to focus on a particular point and words. This is because images on the screen do not have the same sharp contrast and variations as that of the objects of the real world, meaning our eyes are working double to understand the real and the virtual world. This constant focus leads to redness of the eyes, headaches, itchy

eyes, and even blurry vision. These are some of the starting symptoms of the effects. There are more harmful effects than one can imagine. They are as follows- 

● Retinal damage, cataracts, and macular degeneration, all have been linked to the blue light emitting from the screen. 

● High energy blue light exposure exhausts the eyes to a great extent. ● When it is dusk and our eyes are exposed to blue light, it damages our sleep patterns and circadian rhythm. This leads to depression and an overall increased risk of various diseases and a build-up of neurotoxins. 

● Sleep patterns and melatonin production are highly disturbed due to the exposure to blue light from the screen. 

● Blue light exposure has been found to induce photochemical damage to the retina and macula. This causes stress to the eyes and the body is unable to detoxify the harmful side effects of them. 

Easy solutions 

You might be disturbed after reading about the negative effects of gaming and the eyes that are exposed to the blue light. But do not throw your PS4 after reading this because there are easy solutions for these damages which can be recovered. 

One might ask, do gaming glasses or blue light glasses work? The answer is yes, gaming glasses do work. Gaming glasses are specially designed to combat and reduce the effect of blue light. 

Video glasses and gaming glasses are slightly magnified, which makes it easier for the eyes to focus on the screens without ruining the finely turned resolution of the screen. The magnified image and the less blue light help to improve the gaming experience of a person. Wearing gaming glasses with blue light coatings helps to improve the gaming experience, and protects the eyes from the harmful blue light rays and the CVS. Buying gaming or blue light glasses that have the required features are beneficial for us. Let us look at the easy solutions that can solve these problems. 

● Maximum blue light blocking- With various colour tints lenses, blue light blocking glasses reduces the maximum glare and blue light exposure and the fatigue caused to the eyes. 

● Different coatings- There are different coatings like anti-glare, and reflective coatings that shield the eyes from the harmful glare from the screen. These coatings work together to keep out focus and ghost images, and various lights distracting your views. This helps to create a crystal clear and comfortable image. 

● Quality Lenses- Good quality lenses are made which weigh half as much. These special lenses have better shatter and scratch resistance than glass. 

● Perfect fitting- The gaming glasses must fit perfectly as a comfortable pair of gaming glasses that helps to make the gaming experience much better.

Thus these are the above solutions that one can follow to protect the eyes from the harmful blue light rays. One is recommended to go for a free eye test in the UK and get the best for yourself. 

Tips to follow 

There are some tips and tricks which are to be followed for better eyesight and a clear view of the picture. Let us see what are those tips that need to be followed: 

● Take a break of at least 10 mins in every one hour of work or gaming. This is very necessary for everyone because like our mind and body need rest, our eyes need rest too. Hence by taking a break, our eyes get some rest and then function properly. 

● Look out of the screen for some time which will help to reduce the stress on the eyes. This will also help to reduce the exposure to blue light and the glare that affects the eyes and damages the eye cells. 

● Go for a walk while you are continuously working in front of the screen. Going for a walk in the middle of the work helps the body to reduce stiffness and body pains. One often faces back pain due to the long sitting hours and hence faces various health-related issues. Thus going for a walk of 10-15mins helps you to keep yourself energised and fresh. 

● Instead of looking at the phones during the lunch breaks or the breaks that you take in between your work, try to read a book. Reading a book helps in various ways and also increases our knowledge. Thus it is a very useful habit and can become one of your hobbies if not it is yet. 

● Try to interact with new people. While you interact, it increases your communication skills, your knowledge, unknown things become known, and many more. Hence interacting with new people helps a lot in gaining knowledge about many things. 

Hence to have healthy and safe eyes and good eyesight where your work will not be disturbed, and your body will be active, these are the solutions that can be followed. This will help to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep the eyes safe. Check out Specscart’s Facebook page for such glasses and information.