Review Geladeira Com tablet NA Frente from Samsung, a refrigerator series that connects family and friends.

Technological advancement is bringing new ideas to life and enabling innovations. Many home appliances in Brazil can now be controlled remotely by Wi-Fi.

As the number of these devices grows to make your home smarter and more intelligent, have you had problems controlling them with different methods like Alexa, Google Assist, mobile applications, etc? Let’s look at Geladeira Comp Tablet NA Frente.

Fridge with Tablet in Front:

Samsung, the world’s leader in smartphone technology has created a solution that makes your home smarter, easier to manage, and more efficient. Six models of Samsung refrigerators featured a touch screen tablet measuring 21.5 inches in the front door.

These six models are part the Samsung Family Hub(tm), which includes:

  1. French Door with Four Doors
  2. Four-Door French Door
  3. French Door with Three Doors
  4. Three-Door French Door
  5. Four-Door Flex
  6. Side-by-Side

Family Hub:

It is essential to keep in touch with loved ones and friends. Therefore, Geladeira Comp Tablet NA Porta was designed.

It is well-known that people spend a lot of time on their phones, listening to music, watching videos and socializing. Smart home gadgets like robovacs and ACs can be controlled via smartphones or voice commands using Google Assist and Alexa.

What about those times when you are in the kitchen most of the day? It is impossible to carry your smartphone around all day. It is not possible to place your smartphone on the counter because hot or cold foods can fall on it.

Features of Geladeiracom Tablet NA Frente :

Samsung has included the features of its touch screen tablet in Family Hub refrigerators’ front doors. The Family Hub is designed to keep you connected with your family and friends, even while you’re cooking. The Family Hub connects to the internet in the same way as a smartphone.

  • You can also listen to music
  • Spotify and other multimedia apps are available.
  • You can watch shows on Samsung TV Plus.
  • Family Hub allows you to control your smart home devices from anywhere in the world by connecting them together.
  • Share pictures,
  • Control kitchen appliances,
  • Plan your meals,
  • Check the weather
  • Internet access
  • Get access to maps
  • Google Assist, Alexa, etc.

Geladeira Com TabletNA Frente is a revolutionary technology that brings entertainment to your kitchen. Access controls and information are easily accessible from any place in the kitchen by placing a tablet at the fridge’s door.


Family Hub has received positive reviews from more than 50 websites and YouTube channels. Family Hub was rated between 3.5 and 4.5 stars by many users. The tablet can be used to control the operation and cooling of your fridge. Negative reviews have highlighted the flaws of the fridge and its lackluster design. The Family Hub is a legal product that has been in existence since 13 July 2020.

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