The Realms of Genshin Impact are filled with thrilling adventures, actions, and puzzles. Adventure and action is possible by battling bosses and defeating them However, in order to solve the puzzles, you’ll have to solve the problems. You’ll be rewarded with rewards like the possibility of a different weapon or new skills for your character after completing these puzzles. While playing the game you’ll learn that the Genshin Impact Wuwang Hill puzzle is a treasure trove filled with rewards, such as valuable artifacts, for example. But, most times it will grant players the opportunity to earn adventure XPs which can be beneficial when you view it in the context of the overall game’s progress.

How to Solve Genshin Impact Wuwang Hill Puzzle?

To discover the puzzle’s precise place of origin, you need to visit the nearest waypoint and then go to Wuwang’s top. Wuwang hill.

The experts recommend that users go through Qingce Village teleport waypoint. Qingce Village teleport waypoint, located between the letters “g and the letter ‘e’. From there, climbing this hill is more straightforward. Anyone can do the hill without having to increase endurance.

Once you’ve reached the middle of the game, it will give you clues to solve Genshin’s Impact Wuwang Hill Puzzle. You can follow these hints for if you’d like to try it yourself. Otherwise, you can read until you are done without hassle.

After that, you can activate the statues in the proper order (check the images below for an example). One statue will be situated in front of the pond. The second one is next to the tree. After those, you’ll see the third one next to the yellow flowers. And the last one is at the bottom of the cliff.

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All players have to do is to get Fragment Stone together with additional rewards like XP and other. Keep an eye on us for the latest updates. We can be followed on Twitter and also like our page on Facebook.