Getting your home ready for winter

Winter is a favorite season for many because of the holidays that take place late in the year, and the fond memories that come with them. However, to make sure this all goes without a hitch (or a big repair bill) you need to do some work beforehand to make sure you are ready for when the weather turns.

These don’t have to be big jobs, but they are key to making sure that your home is at its best during the time of year when you spend the time inside. This list won’t cover every eventuality for every home, as there are variations in weather conditions and types of homes as you move from coast to coast. But it will give you some starting points for you to build your own checklist that is tailor-made for you.

Check out your heating system

This might be an obvious place to start, but you’d be amazed at the number of people who are surprised that a heating system that hasn’t been used since before Easter suddenly has teething troubles as Thanksgiving approaches. It is best to find out sooner rather than later if your heating isn’t functioning properly, mostly because if you find out at the same time as everyone else, you’ll be waiting longer than if you planned ahead. If you are looking for an efficient heating and cooling solution, then you might want to get a heat pump. A heat pump is becoming more popular with Winnipeg residents because they can provide both heating and cooling, and they typically use less energy compared to traditional heating and cooling systems.

Finding the right repair service is something you might want to check out in advance and depending on what you need get somebody you can rely on, on speed dial. Using a furnace repair service from a reliable company like Air Force Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. will have you ready for winter and give you great peace of mind when it matters most.

Make sure your insulation is sound

Once you know your heating works well, you need to make sure you are keeping it in your home, and not losing it through your windows or doors (more on that in a minute) or through your roof. This will probably involve a trip to your attic space to make sure there is no deterioration of what is up there, and that you haven’t got anything living up there that shouldn’t be.

Another area that is overlooked is the hatch to your attic. You might have deep pile insulation all over the loft, but unless you also insulate the back of your loft hatch, you’ll be losing a ton of heat through there instead. You might want to get a professional in to fix any bare patches, and make sure you are all snug as and when the snow starts to fall.

Check for drafts   

Gaps around doors and windows not only let heat out, but also let drafts in, so this will be the next job on your list. You might not think you are letting in drafts, but they can be so slight you won’t notice until the temperature drops. To do this job you’ll need some caulk (or a handyman) and a candle or some incense.

First of all, be very careful using a lighted candle around things like drapes. You will quickly find though, that moving a lighted candle will show up any places where the air is getting in. Applying caulk to the offending areas is an easy fix, and don’t forget other overlooked areas like around power outlets.

Check you guttering 

Before it gets to winter, you’ll have fall to contend with, and the deluge of leaves that will block your gutters and give you no end of problems if they are not dealt with. This might not be a job for you, but it will need doing as clogged gutters can mean rain pouring down your outside walls and damaging your property, which is something you definitely won’t need if there is also the chance of it freezing. This can also provide you with plenty of hazards as you’ll have excessive water on pathways instead of going down the drain or into your water-but.

A few final thoughts

Most of us love winter, and for good reason as being huddled warm by the fire when it’s cold outside is a great time to relax or celebrate the season with your friends and family. This can be made even more of a joyous occasion by making sure that you have your home ready for whatever the weather might throw at it. Checking your heating is up to the job, as well as your insulation can help to keep you toasty until spring, and simple maintenance around gaps and your guttering can go a long way to making sure you have less to worry about when you should be having fun.