Global Anti Scam Org :- The legitimacy of Global Anti Scam Organization :

To learn more about Global Anti Scam Org, read user reviews. Learn how it helps scam victims around the world.

Are you falling for scams from Taiwan or Singapore? Apps and websites can be created anywhere there is internet access. This allows scammers to reach innocent people all over the globe.

If you have been scammed, you can only file a complaint with the local authorities. Sometimes, international scammers can be difficult to reach. Let’s look at Global Scam Org.

About GASO

Global Anti-Scam Organization is a well-known organization that has been around since 2010. However, globalantiscam.org was only launched on the 7th of June 2021. It is registered in the USA and has its headquarters in Singapore.

Victims of fraud maintain it and dedicate their efforts to educating people around the world about fraud prevention. GASO’s goal is to inform the public about the most recent scams and patterns. Credit card fraud and shopping fraud are now a thing of the passé. Although they’re still being planned, scammers don’t seem to be focusing on cryptocurrency scams or buy now-pay later scams.

Global Anti Scam Organisation Gaso has been guiding victims of these scams. This is because cryptocurrency transfers can be difficult to trace, even though they are properly recorded. BNPL scams can also be difficult to track. Dating scams are very popular today due to the popularity of the internet and the changing lifestyles of young people.

These victims include write-ups about their experiences with scams, how to avoid them, details on cryptocurrency scam patterns and physical assault scam companies.

GASO provides its services worldwide. It has partnered with huddlehumans who offer services to people with cerebral well-being.

GASO is an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It has more than 18,973 fans. It was rated 5-stars by eleven Facebook users.

The legitimacy of Global Anti Scam Organization :

Globalantiscam.org is ranked 37.6% in business and has a nil threat, phishing and malware profile. Globalantiscam.org is ranked medium on Alexa at 701,402. Globalantiscam.org’s trust score is 65%. GASO can be joined by a volunteer.


Globalantiscam.org ranks in the Alexa rankings and trust. GASO supports a worthy cause, such as fraud prevention and scam prevention. It is focused on the prevention of cryptocurrency scams and human trafficking. GASO has compiled a list of hundreds phishing websites. GASO’s services are available for as low as $3K and up to $20K. Global Anti Scam Org Reviews conclude that it’s a legitimate website.