Goal ensuring multiplier: A New ULIP Plan introduced by PNB MetLife

A new ULIP plan has been introduced by PNB MetLife, named GEM (Goal Ensuring Multiplier). According to the company, this new plan provides customers access to life insurance protection. 

This plan also supports the methodical investing that aims to build the wealth of customers in the future. The leading insurance company limited, PNB MetLife, will return the charges under this new ULIP plan pertaining to premium allocation, mortality charges, and fund management according to the terms and conditions of the policy. 

What is the Goal Ensuring Multiplier (GEM)?

A new ULIP plan called Goal Ensuring Multiplier gives its users access to life insurance coverage. With the help of this plan, the customer can generate wealth to achieve their long-term goals.

According to the terms and conditions of the plan term, the goal ensures the multiplier reimburses the fees deducted by the policy term, like a return to fund management fees, return of mortality fees, and premium allocation fees. 

Which deducted charges are provided back under the policy term

According to the terms and conditions of the policy, Goal Ensuring Multiplier reimburses the given fees that are deducted by the policy term.

  • Return of fund management charges 
  • Return of premium allocation charges 
  • Return of mortality charges

Here, the customers have the choice to choose any option from the available 13 different funds according to their risk appetite. GEM also provides customers with the option of goal-based fund management strategies. 

The GEM, the new ULIP plan, has the best features that will allow customers to boost their coverage and enhance their savings goals. 

5 coverage options offered by Goal Ensure Multiplier 

Here are the total 5 coverage options provided by the best life insurance policy, named Goal Ensuring Multiplier. 

  1. Wealth 

This coverage option of the Goal Ensuring Multiplier offers you life insurance coverage and helps you build your wealth and manage the funds for your future dreams.

  1. Wealth plus care

The features of the wealth plus care coverage option with premium benefits are used when the policyholder is diagnosed with any of the 5 critical illnesses. 

  1. Goal assured

The best thing about the Goal Ensuring Multiplier is that it provides triple benefits, waives off future premiums in the case of death, lump sum death benefit, and accumulated funds as maturity funds. 

  1. Income assured

GEM is the best ULIP plan that provides all four benefits under the same plan. The 4 benefits of Goal Ensuring Multiplier include the pay lump sum death benefit, waiving off future premiums in case of death, paying regular income to the family, and paying accumulated funds as a maturity benefit. 

  1. Smart child 

Under the unique offering of this coverage, Goal Ensuring Multiplier helps the customer to save the funds for their children’s education and financially secure their future. 


The Goal Ensuring Multiplier is a new ULIP plan that PNB MetLife has introduced. These strategies both increase your family’s wealth and guarantee it. This ULIP plan is the most beneficial available.