This article on the Golden BC Accident will inform our readers about the reasons why the Trans-Highway is blocked and when it will reopen for daily use.

Did you hear about the news that two trucks collided in the middle Highway? This happened in Canada early Sunday morning, and everybody is talking about it. This incident was reported by the emergency services.

This post will provide more information about the incident. How many people were hurt in this incident? All details are included in this post. To get the most recent information regarding this incident, please read this article Golden BC Accident.

The Accident of Golden BC

Kim Reich, moment’s witness, stated that he saw the fire while he was driving along the Trans-Highway route on Sunday, August 28, 2022 at 6:15 AM. Two semi-trucks collided. Two semi-trucks collided at the park’s west gate, near Yoho. This was reported by the BC Highway Patrol and Golden Field RCMP. Sources in the fatal accident claim that the semi-truck occupants were killed at the time.

Accident Near Golden BC

Many people were affected by the semi-truck accident. Highway 1 was closed while the investigation is completed. Highway 1 has been closed to both lanes. It is expected that Highway 1 will be closed Monday. Two people were killed in a fatal car crash between the front ends of two cars. As the investigation into the Golden BC Accident continued, the investigating team advised local residents not to take this route. They were directed to Highway 93 or 95.

People react to the Accident.

One truck carried cattle and many cattle were seen lying on the road. The health of the cattle is not too serious. Sources claim that the Canadian police didn’t share the identities or injuries of the victims. This incident was heartbreaking, Mrs. Lara stated. This kind of news was unexpectedly delivered to us in the early hours of the morning. Larry stated that the accident has disrupted his schedule and forced him to take a longer route while the investigation continues. You can view the Accident near Golden BC video on Twitter.


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