Got7 First World Tour GOT7 First World Tour

This GOT7 First World Tour post focuses on giving the details and the schedule. Please read on to learn more.

What is GOT7? GOT7 will be making their first international tour in April. GOT7, a South Korean boay group, was formed by JYP entertainment. It consists of Jay B, Jackson and Youngjae. They are well-known in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

This post will discuss GOT7 First World Tour and the artists performing on it. Please take the time to read this post.

When is the world tour taking place?

GOT7’s world tour is expected to begin in April 2016 from Seoul, South Korea. The band will then visit Shanghai, China on May 8, and Japan on May 14. The band will then travel to Tokyo on May 8 and Japan on May 14. After that, Go To The World Tour will travel to Guangzhou, China on June 18, and Singapore on June 24, respectively.

GOT7 fans will enjoy July. They will visit Dallas on July 1, Chicago, New York on July 3, and New York on July 5. July 8 will be for Atlanta. July 10 and 11 will take them to Los Angeles. GOT7 members will be visiting Hong Kong, China on the second day of July. Finally, they will return to Seoul to conclude this tour.

GOT7 First World Tour

GOT7’s return with their mini-album “Departure” was announced on February 19, 2006. The music video was ready for release on March 21, 2006. The band’s first ever world tour was announced by fly via their Twitter handle after the album’s success. The tour was scheduled to start on April 29, 2016 and finish on 21 August 2016. The concert was held in South Korea, and it ended in South Korea. The concert lasted for 125 days and was a celebration in the lives of GOT7 fans.

Stars Perform In The GOT7 World Tour

Many star performers performed on the GOT7 First World Tour. Jay B, Jackson and Jinyoung are all included. The tour also had 103,009 seats available for confirmed concerts. JYP Entertainment was the parent company to GOT7. For tickets, you can visit Interpark in South Korea or Thaiticketmajor Thailand.


This post explains to our readers about the GOT7’s first global tour, their schedules, and many other details related to this concert.