Granados Gabriel March Wiki What Did Gabriel March Granados Do?

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Do you know Gabriel March Granados? Are you aware of the man who was sentenced to the longest prisonsentence? Gabriel March Granados was sentenced to the most solitary prison sentence for trying to steal documents. Many people from different nations such as that of the United States, are seeking out the cause for his detention.

Granados was a postal worker from Spain and was sentenced to 384,912 years being imprisoned for taking content but not delivering 42,784 letters. We will now discuss the Granados Gabriel the March Wiki.

What was the reason why Gabriel receive the longest prison sentence?

Gabriel March was a Spain postman who was employed as an interim postman in the city in the post office “Mallorcan on January 28, 1968. He was just 18 years old when he started working at the postal office. He was employed for two years. He was dismissed from his job on March 31, 1970, after several flaws were discovered during his duties.

He was not able to send more than 40000 emails, besides opening thirty-five million and then deleting the content. The judge sentenced him to 384912 years in prison, but was later reduced to 14 years and two months.

What Did Gabriel March Granados Do?

Gabriel who was mentioned earlier was the man who serving the longest sentence in prison in the history of prison. According to Wiki, he failed to send out mails 42,784, but he opened 35 718 in all and stole content that was worth 50 000. After asking questions about the incident the accused was charged with multiple thefts, frauds and not being able to deliver content.

In the end, the prosecutor was able to impose the sentence of 384,912 years and 19-million Euro fine on the defendant. The judge did not give an extended sentence, which means the time he was in prison was cut short.

Granados Gabriel March Wiki These days, it is appearing on social networks People were curious to learn about the crime for which earned him the longest prison sentence.

More details about Gabriel March

Gabriel is currently trending in the world of social media. He is featured on factual pages and memes. There are sarcastic comments made by people concerning him. Spanish postman. He was imprisoned for the longest period of time due to the numerous fraudulent acts he committed as a postman.

After he was deemed suspicious, the postal department was able to investigate the situation. They discovered numerous wrong-doings that he engaged in during his time that lasted more than two years. According to Granados Gabriel March Wiki He was found guilty of stealing documents and not giving the information. He was convicted of several charges and was required the burden of paying a penalty amounting to 19 million euros. Click here for more information regarding Gabriel Wiki.


This post will provide information about the mistake Gabriel committed. Gabriel was a young age when he began working at in the postal service. He was involved in several scams and committed crimes throughout the period. The judge was able to cut all of the time in his prison sentence because the sentence was excessive. He was accused of document theft and not submitting the document’s contents.

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