Greens Senator Thorpe Lidia About Thorpe Lidia

Are you familiar with Thorpe Lidia? Recent comments by Thorpe Lidia are becoming increasingly popular in Australia and have sparked anger among loyalists as well as nationalists. Thorpe Lidia’s origin information can be found on the internet.

You might be interested in learning more about her comments and why the Australian flag was not representative of her and her community. Let’s learn more about Greens Senator Thorpe Lidia.

Latest news about Thorpe Lidia

Thorpe Lidia stated that she joined the colonial project because she wanted to reflect the illegitimate colonial occupation. Thorpe hopes to help Australians understand where they are located.

Before a politician can take a oath of allegiance to the monarch, he or she must also sign the Declaration of Allegiance. Thorpe’s comments elicited anger and concern when she stated that she would give up her allegiance to her people.

About Thorpe Lidia

Lidia Alma Thorpe was conceived on 18 August 1983. Greens Senator Thorpe Lidia, a businesswoman and activist, is also a politician. She is the first senator from Victoria who hails from the Australian Greens party.

Personal Life of Thorpe Lidia –

Thorpe is the mother of three children. Two of her daughters are also her grandchildren. Thorpe was just 17 when she became a mother.

Thorpe Lidia is an activist:

She is the leader for the Pay the Rent movement. This requires that non-aboriginal Australians voluntarily pay the criminals’ losses. Thorpe serves as a facilitator for Pay the Rent.

Greens Senator Thorpe Lidia was also the leader of the Uluru convention walkout to support Aboriginal Australians’ representation through changing the Australian constitution. Thorpe organized the inaugural dawn service against colonization on 26 January 2019 and made it an annual event in Melbourne.

Thorpe Lidia’s first career:

Thorpe was an advisor to the Municipal Association of Victoria on Aboriginal employment. She was a member of the Indigenous Administrators Organizations steering group. She was a member of Public Administration Australia Victoria, chairperson, and project manager for East Gippsland Shire Council.

Politic career of Greens Senator Thorpe Leidia :

Thorpe won the Northcote seat by-election in 2017 and was sworn into Parliament. In 2018, however, Thorpe lost her seat in the Victorian state election to Kat Theophanous.

Thorpe Lidia, as a senator:

Due to Richard Di Natale’s resignation, Thorpe was elected senator in June 2020. In the 2022 federal election, she was reelected and was appointed deputy leader of the Senate for Greens.


Lidia Thorpe Lidia Thorpe had extensive experience representing aboriginal Australians in various fields. Greens Senator Thorpe, Lidia, is motivated strongly by her grandmother, who was the founder and family of the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service. Adam Bandt, who also has similar thoughts, is now leading the charge.