Gucci Town Hair How many hairpieces are available in Gucci Town

This article explains the most important information about Gucci Town Hair and other free items that were available at recent events.

Roblox games are very popular in many countries, including the Philippines and the United Kingdom. Want to learn how gifts can be purchased in Gucci Town You are looking for the hairpiece? It is not available for sale in the accessory section.

Some users want to know how to get the Gucci Hair gift in the game. You are one of these users? Read this article until the end.

Why is Gucci Hair Pieces Not Available for Sale?

Gucci Town is a well-known Roblox game that comes each year with new avatars and exciting gifts. Gucci Town is back with five avatars that are connected to Achille Lauro, the Gucci brand’s superstar.

The new event gives users the opportunity to customize their avatar and get gifts. The hair pieces are not available for purchase as the players must earn them through the game.

How do I get Gucci Hair roblox ?

You must complete specific missions and quests to obtain limited items such as hair pieces or Gucci Oversize Sunglasses. These are the tasks that must be completed to obtain the Gucci Town items:

  • Gucci Sunglasses (Oversized). – Complete the Gucci Town Tutorial
  • Gucci Hat (Pink GG Baseball). – Buy for GG 1,600 gems
  • Gucci T-Shirt (Love Parade Print) – Buy GG 1,500 gems
  • Gucci Hair (2 Piece)- Buy GG 1,500 gems
  • Gucci Hair (1Piece) – Buy GG 1,500 gems

How do I get GG gems Gucci Town Hair Part?

It is possible to get GG gems. However, it would not be difficult. The players must compete in minigames at Mini Games Height to earn the GG gems.

You can find the Mini Height building by walking towards it. To start the game, you will need to enter the portal. You can view the list of games in the queue and get all the instructions.

How many hairpieces are available in Gucci Town

Gucci HairRoblox has 2 hairpieces available for this event: Hair Piece 1 and Hair Piece 2 The first hairpiece is blonde and features the Gucci crystal hair clip. The second is black. Hair Piece 2 was developed in collaboration with Lirn who was inspired by many runaways. These items are available for purchase until 17 June 2022. After that, gifts will no longer be available.

Final Words

We have seen that the Gucci Town gift choices were very diverse. The Gucci Town are the most sought-after of all the items. The above information should help you to get the item and earn GG gems.

Which Gucci Town item is your favorite? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.