Guide To Maintain Men’s Wedding Bands

A wedding is a special occasion and an event of a lifetime for the bride and groom to be. The bride and groom make humongous efforts to get the best wedding bands. For men, the wedding band depicts a distinct personality and style every man has personal preferences for buying rings. When selecting men’s wedding bands, you don’t have to stick with a basic or traditional design. Men are frequently extremely straightforward, so keep that in mind while purchasing men’s wedding bands. Consider purchasing  classic mens wedding bands that complement their personalities and look great on them. 

However, wearing the ring everyday and reporting to work or tackling different challenges of daily life can lead to wear and tear in the ring. So, what is the best bet of maintaining and cleaning the ring?  Depending on the material of the ring, you need to follow specific cleaning procedures to ensure that it stays perfectly shining at all times.

Caring for wooden wedding bands

The modern day wedding bands for men are different than the previous times. No wonder there are several different materials, finishes, and polishes you may come across in the rings. Therefore, wooden wedding rings are exceptional look and feel and create a unique style in men to be married. So, if you are planning to buy a wedding ring with wooden inlay and metal surroundings, you can give it a gentle polish occasionally. However, there are a few short procedures to follow for cleaning the ring.

  • The men’s wedding bands with wooden inlays come with a coating of waterproof resin, so you can make them wet.
  • You must avoid exposing the ring in watery conditions for a long period when doing the dishes or taking a bath.
  • When working with solvents or chemicals, you must remove the ring.
  • When using abrasives, the ring may get scratches, so removing it is essential.
  • Ideally, you need to remove the ring when handling harsh chemicals or of you are working in a harsh environment.
  • When applying shaving cream or gel, you must place the ring in a safe place.
  • For men who are actively involved in rock climbing activities, the wooden ring needs to be in a safe place.

Cleaning and maintaining tungsten rings

The tungsten rings have become a favorite for men who work in harsh environments that may increase the chances of damaging the rings. Tungsten is resistant to scratches, rust, oxidation, and water. It is more durable than any other metal used in men’s wedding rings. One of the reasons why men prefer this metal is the ease of maintenance. To clean the wedding bands made from tungsten, you need warm soapy water. One you clean it with the soapy water, pat it dry and rub it gently using a soft cotton cloth. Remember to avoid using harsh soap for cleaning tungsten rings.

Cleaning titanium rings

For cleaning a titanium ring, you can wash it in soap and water regularly. Polishing it with cream metal can help in retaining its shine for long years.

The final word

Unless you are sitting in an office desk, the wedding ring becomes home to dirt and grime if you do not clan it regularly. For men involved in outdoor jobs, especially those working in industries, the maintenance routine allows the wedding ring to stay free from dirt. You can also resort to preventive care to keep the wedding ring perfect. Check the collections of men’s wedding rings at epicweddingbands.com before buying.