This article discusses Guilherme Suicide as an undergraduate student, what people say on Twitter and how to deal with thesis defense anxiety.

Did you see the Twitter thread about the suicide of a student during thesis defense. Julopessouzas, a Twitter user, has shared a heartbreaking message. This news is shocking. We are happy to provide related information if you don’t know.

Suicide by another student raises questions about students’ mental health and suicidal thoughts. Suicide is a growing public health problem in Canada and the United States. It also affects the United Kingdom and other countries. This post will discuss Guilherme Suicide. Let’s talk about it.

Guilherme Suicide, July Learn More About This Tragic Event Here!

What’s the latest?

A tweet from a Twitter user on July 11, 2022 at 2:20 pm has reached 60.9k people. Guilherme, an undergraduate student, sent the tweet. In her tweet, she said, “a suicide by Guilherme, an undergraduate student, occurred this week during thesis defense.” She also mentioned that people from the area claimed that he was humiliated in front of one of his evaluators.

Juliana also stated that we need to take immediate steps to improve mental health in academia, and aggressively fight academic bullying. Many people retweeted her tweet about Guilherme Suicide thesis Defense and their thoughts during defense. Julopessouzas concluded the post saying, “I’m sorry we failed you Guilherme.”

What have people to say about this article?

It is not a new concept in academia, however many users have written that it is important to take action to end bullying and stop the increase in suicide attempts by college students. One user on Twitter said that even I was in the same situation when they claimed they weren’t sure if they could pass me. Another user said that while most defenses are good, in extreme circumstances, things can get more serious than you think.

Guilherme Suicide Thesis. Tips to manage thesis defense stress.

It can be intimidating to defend your research before professionals. Students need to realize that this is an integral part of their degree program. Here are some tips to help you manage your fear.

  • Relax, breathe in and trust your research.
  • Take some time to relax if you are struggling with your speech. Then, start again.
  • You will be more confident speaking in public if you have a good habit.
  • Trouble eye contacting professors? Instead, look elsewhere for some help.
  • Make sure you prepare well before the presentation.

Guilherme Students Suicideshould never happen, but we can all prevent future incidents. Talk to someone you trust if you are having suicidal thoughts. Although it is difficult to be in this situation, remember that hard times won’t last forever.

What’s Thesis Defense?

The defense of the thesis is the final step in an academic career. Here, the student presents his or her research on the chosen topic to a panel made up of academics. The student will need to respond to the professional questions later. The professors will also decide whether the thesis should be published or improved.


Guilherme Suicide raises many questions about college students’ psychological health. We hope you now have some awareness of the incident. You can view the Twitter post by Julopessouzas .

Are there any tips you can share to help in such situations? We want to hear from all of you, so please comment and share your experiences with our readers.