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We are pleased to share with you information about an American boxing champ. Dear readers, Hasim Rahman Jr Boxrec is the son of Hasim Sharif Rahman, a former Professional Boxer.

Jake Paul, a YouTuber who turned into a fighter, faced Rahman Jr., a professional boxer, in a conference that was arranged for a fight. This caught the attention of the media Worldwide. During the heated argument, however, none of them pushed their boundaries.

A Brief About Rahman Jr

Rahman, a professional boxer aged 31, is also the son of a former heavyweight lifting champion. Rahman was born in Baltimore, Mayland. He is best known for his title as a Gold Blooded boxer.

Hasim Rahman Jr Boxing Record –

Paul, 25, will be fought by Hasim Rahman on August 6, 2022 at Madison Square Garden. Paul is a professional boxer with a record of 12-1. Paul has won five of six of his bouts. At the moment, his KO rate is 46.2%.

In 2017, Rahman Jr. fought Ralph Alexander. He won the fight and continued to win against every other professional boxer except one. He was unable to win the non-title fight against James McKenzie Morrison, which was set for April 29, 2022. This defeat caused him to lose his KO points.

Hasim Rahman Jr Wiki –

Rahman Jr. is 6ft. 2inches tall. His height is 6’3.20. He had an ape index of 0 cm. He is a fighter. In 2022, he lost one match to McKenzie in round 5. Although he was playing well in the other rounds, Mckenzie is a skilled and experienced player. His brain trick and strong body helped him win the match.

Paul is still a novice in the field, compared to Rahman Jr. He has won every match except one. It’s going to be interesting to see Hasim Rahman Jr. Boxrec together with Paul. During the Tuesday promotion event, both players had a bit of a row.

FAQs –

Q.1 How tall is Jake Paul?

A.1 Jake Paul’s height is 1.85m.

Q.2 What is the connection between Jake Paul and Logan Paul?

Jake’s brother Q.2 Logan Paul. He is a professional wrestler who signed with WWE in 2015. He has 23M Youtube subscribers.

Conclusion –

Jake Paul will be taking on the famous pro boxer Rahman Jr at Madison Square Garden in New York on August 6, 2022 at 9 pm. More information on this topic is available at the following link

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