Hdhun4u. Com  Hdhun4u. com Legitimacy:

Are you a big fan of Bollywood and Trollywood movies from India. Do you want to relax at home and watch movies? Are you a movie buff who enjoys watching films with family and friends, but would you rather watch them in your own home or on the projector instead? Are you looking to import HD movies immediately after their release?

Hdhun4u.com allows you to import films freely. Let’s take a look at Hdhun4u. com.

About Hdhun4u.com

You can access the domain Hdhun4u.com by using the URL Hdhun4u.onl. Hdhun4u.com is frequently searched on search engines with the domain ‘.com. Hdhun4u can also be found with a unique ‘.onl” domain.

Hdhun4u.com appears to be a scam based on online data. It hosts hundreds of movies with copyright. Copyright laws require that such content be approved by the owner before it can be added to a website for free access or importing.

Hdhun4u.com didn’t mention any tie-ups or approvals by film companies for its content. There were no reviews or ratings on Hdhun4u.com.

Hdhun4u. com Legitimacy:

Hdhun4u.com boasts an average Trust Score 73%, a business rank of 42.6%, Alexa rank 735,584 as well as a high suspicion profile at 40%. Hdhun4u.com has been registered in the US since 10th November 2017. It’s a website that is currently four years, seven month and seventeen days old. Its registration will expire in four months and thirteen calendar days.

Hdhun4u.com does not have information about its owner. Hdhun4u.com does not provide customer contact information, email address, privacy policy terms and conditions, About Us section, or service delivery policy. Hdhun4u.com is present only on Telegram at – https://t.me/+vCuKOmMWyYwzZDEx. There are 3,744 Telegram subscribers to Hdhun4u. com.

Hdhun4u.com Features:

Hdhun4u.com holds a valid SSL Certificate for its IP through the next 37 Days. Hdhun4u.com is using a valid HTTPS protocol and is not being blacklisted by any engines.

Hdhun4u.com frequently changes its domain name from ‘.com to ‘.onl, and so forth. The website receives an average of 982 visitors per day and generates an estimated revenue of $9.373/year. It is expected to be worth $8,760.

It is based upon a Pay Per Click module to carry out its business. For the purpose of generating import links, the user is redirected by the sponsor website. It takes 10 seconds for the sponsor websites to generate an import link.

Once Hdhun4u. The link is generated by Hdhun4u.com. Users are then redirected to another sponsor’s website which contains links to other websites for import. The link generated generally has an expiry date and will be temporarily available to users’ IPs.


Hdhun4u.com appears to be a Scam. It includes links that are not legitimate for film imports. Copyright violation is a criminal offense. Hdhun4u.com doesn’t host the film files on their domain or server. It is therefore not considered blacklisted and has a good Alexa, Trust and Business Ranking. It scored high on Suspicion, which is bad for data security and users’ devices.