Health-Care-UK Scam Additional details about this Scam

Did you hear about recent scam news? The National Health Service of the United Kingdom has advised people to stay away from hoaxes text messages that claim they have been exposed the omicron version of covid. This has caused panic and has led to people being scammed. Our Health Care-UK Scam post will inform our readers about recent scams.

This post will provide you with the latest information on scam news and ways that you can avoid being scammed.

What is the Scam?

The NHS is not aware that people are being sent text messages by the NHS. These messages will inform you about Omicron exposure. This will panic you. Then they will ask you for 99 pence to purchase a test kit. They could use it for future frauds.


The NHS does not offer free testing kits, but the message link will take you to an identical-looking website as NHS. However, it is not real. They can also steal your data to make more convincing scams in future. The testing kit costs only 99 pence. People will fall for this trap because they are already worried about being exposed by omicron. However, it is much more serious than a money-scam.

These scammers are extremely clever and have scammed many people until now. Therefore, everyone should be aware of these types of scams.

Additional details about this Scam

These websites will collect your personal information such as your address, date of birth, phone number and phone number to identify you as a victim in future fraud. Some people panic when they hear about the omicron exposure. They fill out their information but we can assure them that you won’t receive any covid kit once you have paid. This will allow scammers to continue to target you.

NHS has advised people about the Health-Care-UK Scam. Report against it so it is shut down as soon possible. However, scammers continue to create new domains to deceive people. These links should not be trusted.


We have concluded this post with extensive information about the Scam, how the NHS is raising awareness, and how they are working to eliminate these scams as quickly as possible. They are always inventing new methods to defraud innocent citizens.