Helen L. Tipton Obituary What Happened To Helen L. Tipton? How Did She Die?

Helen L. Tipton was an outstanding mother and grandmother in Jefferson City Missouri who passed peacefully away at 85 on March 26, 2016 leaving behind an outstanding legacy of love, kindness, strength for those she touched in her lifetime. This tribute pays lasting homage to Helen Tipton’s remarkable life.

Who was Helen L. Tipton

Helen L. Tipton, born in Vienna, Missouri on December 27, 1930 was the beloved daughter of F.L. Henderson, Elsie M. Graham and “Buddy”. She developed strong family and community values while growing up in central Missouri. These values would guide her through her entire life.

How did Helen’s early years look like?

Helen’s childhood was rooted in Vienna, Missouri. Helen attended Vienna High School where she formed life-long friendships and gained knowledge that have served her throughout her lifetime. Helen’s rural upbringing taught her the value of hard work, family relationships and faith – lessons which remain with her even to this day.

What was Helen’s contribution to her community?

Helen resided in central Missouri for many years and was extremely active within her community. Helen was an integral member of First United Methodist Church Jefferson City where she participated actively in numerous church activities displaying her commitment and passion for community service.

What was Helen’s career path?

Helen worked at Missouri’s Office of Administration from age 17 until retiring at 60 in 1990 – her career is an outstanding example of professionalism, devotion, and mutual respect amongst colleagues.

What family members were closest to Helen?

Helen’s family was her life. Helen married David L. Tipton in November 1953, but he died before her. Lisa Meyer, Lance Tipton, Kim and their families survive Helen.
Terian Tipton was the joy of her life.

What were Helen’s interests and passions?

Helen’s family was her main passion. Helen loved spending time with her family, and especially Terian, her granddaughter. Helen also enjoyed reading, playing crosswords and dominos. Helen’s sense of humor, and her caring nature, were the hallmarks of personality.

What was the impact of Helen on her family and friends?

Helen’s influence extended to her cousins Bill and John Graham and their respective wives Alice and Anabeth. Helen had many nieces and nephews. All who knew her will remember her for the dry humor she had and her nurturing spirit.

What were the arrangements for Helen’s funeral?

Freeman Mortuary held a visitation and funeral service to honor Helen’s memory on March 30, 2016. Reverend Jeannie Dudenhoeffer conducted the funeral service in the Freeman Chapel. The funeral service was conducted by Reverend Lynn Quist in the Vienna City Cemetery.

How can one pay tribute to Helen?

The family has suggested that memorial donations be made to SSM Hospice, Jefferson City. This gesture honors Helen and supports the organization who provided her with care and comfort during her last days.

Celebrate the life of Helen L. Tipton

Helen L. Tipton led an extraordinary life filled with love, service, and dedication that will forever be remembered by those whom her story touched. Her impact will live on for all time to come. It is a testament to love, resilience, and family bonds that last forever.