Holiday feasting without the weight gain – It is possible

It’s that time of the year again; so many parties and just as many pies. It’s easy to overindulge when you are surrounded by so much. However, there are ways for you to maintain your weight and still have a wonderful Christmas feast. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Either extreme is dangerous: totally staying away or giving in to the ‘what the hell effect‘ and completely overindulging. 

Before the feast

Make a Christmas food wishlist and shop early 

Before the big day, an excellent way to prevent overeating is to plan your meals and shop early. You want to skip the last-minute turkey hunt, but it will also help you to be mindful of what you’ll eat during the feast. 

Think about what you want to have. Supermarkets always put out shelves of cake and snacks, but ultimately, you know what you like best. You could make a charcuterie board with the Charcuterie Trio Meats from the Foodland flyer for healthier snack options on the days between bigger feasts. The flyer also helps you make a shopping list and only buy what you need, so you don’t end up with food you feel obligated to eat to avoid it going to waste. 

Don’t skip breakfast

We know it gets super busy on Christmas morning, but you must have at least one small meal before the big feast. Starting the day with a meal increases your metabolic rate by 10% and lowers your chance of overeating later. Have a boiled egg with a slice of toast, a protein shake, or a breakfast smoothie. 

Exercise in the morning – or take a light walk before you eat

If you have the time, working out in the morning will boost your metabolism throughout the day. Intensity is more important than the amount of time you exercise since a higher calorie-burning rate persists after you stop working out. A 20-minute jog or bike ride will do the trick. 

During the feast

Watch your portions (but don’t be too strict)

Holidays like Christmas are great for fun and spending time with family. You want to be mindful of not restricting yourself so much that you eat only vegetables while everyone else has the good stuff, but you still want to be mindful. Have a bit of everything. You can indulge and enjoy the food as long as you don’t overdo it. 

Keep your feasting to only the designated days. Also, stick to feasting during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. In the days that follow, you can consume leftovers, but use moderation and return to normal eating habits as soon as possible.

Eat slowly

Take your time, and wait for at least 10 minutes after your first plate before getting seconds. Your body takes some time to recognize when it is full; if you continue to stuff food down your throat nonstop, you will realize you are satisfied once you are uncomfortably full. So, take your time while eating and wait 10 minutes before deciding whether or not you want seconds.

After the feast

Don’t freak out

Keep in mind that eating a lot of carbs means that you will be carrying water weight. Naturally, you will notice that your waist has expanded, or you might feel heavier. A solution to this is to do some light exercise and drink tons of water, and you’ll see a difference in the next few days. 

Return to your normal routine as soon as you can

Organize some active family fun time on Boxing Day to avoid getting in a slump. Take a walk together or play.