Home Depot Health Check App to use Home Depot associate login. Then, answer a the short questionnaire, as is the the CPS Health Screener App and NYC Doe Health Screening App. If you’re looking for more about the cohomehealthcheck questionnaire as well as the Check Time Detail Paystub, and more, then you’re on the right web page.

Home Depot Health Check App

Official HealthCheck.HomeDepot.Com web Application is designed by Home Depot to keep their associates and Customers safe.

The application to check your health was developed to determine whether the person who is those who are associated with it should be permitted to work.

It is determined by the response to the questionnaire, which is completed by the employee when they are at work.

All the information that associates collect is used to conduct analytics , and could be shared with health officials or to the government officials if they request it.

This is to ensure the safety of employees during this Covid-19 period.

The goal the purpose of taking this exam in plain terms is to establish whether you (The person who is taking the test) have not been exposed or related to a Corona virus-infected individuals.

How do you log in to the Home Depot associate login

To complete this cohomehealthcheck, employees need to sign-in using the sign-on page for employees of SSSO with their address as well as their user ID and password.

To take thd.co/homehealthcheck questionnaire here is how you can proceed to log in online-

  1. First head over to the official web application home page – https://healthcheck.homedepot.com/.
  2. On the homepage you are presented with 2 options to your login.
  3. The login options include Associate as well as SSC Non-Associate.
  4. Choose Associate if you are Associate. Select SSC Non-Associate if an employee, vendor or visitor who would like to join Atlanta SSC.
  5. When you have chosen the method to log to your account and log in, you will be directed on the next screen.
  6. There will be a notice that appears on your next screen. under the notice, you’ll find the “OK” button.
  7. Click on OK.

Associate Login

If you’re an Associate, you must adhere to these steps

  • The SSO Associate Login page enter the location. You may just leave the location blank, if required.
  • Enter your User ID.
  • Enter you Password.
  • Hit the Sign in Button.

Now is the time to start the Health Questionnaire for Brief.

SSC Non-Associate Login

Here’s the steps you must be following if you’re in the wrong Heatlh Depot Associate-

  • After you click on the Ok Button your will redirected to the form online.
  • Enter your First and Last Name.
  • Note down your phone Number in the 3rd column.
  • Enter the THD Contact Name. This is not required, and you may leave the field blank.
  • Enter the Badge ID. This field is mandatory, however it is only applicable to Badged Contractors. You may leave it blank If you’re not the Badged Contractor.
  • Enter Company name.
  • Finally, you must complete the online form. Click Submit.

Follow the next steps as directed to complete your Home Depot Health Check App Questionnaire.


Health check forms needs to be completed every day you have a scheduled work day If you’re not an employee, then you must fill out the form only once each time you visit the place.

The Web Application will provide you access after you have exchanged the short questionnaire which must be completed every time.

It is absolutely necessary to respond to all questions with the utmost sincerity.

If you give the wrong answer or complete the questionnaire while you’re not scheduled to work according to your timetabled, you could become subject to discipline actions.

The action of disciplinary is taken in line with the rules of performance.

If you have any questions in your mind, regarding this health checkup then you can contact – [email protected].

That’s all there is to know to know about this app. Home Depot health Check App.

If you have a further concern regarding this subject, you are welcome to post them in the comment section below.