Home Remedies for Migraine Headache

A migraine causes acute throbbing or pulsating pain on one side of the brain. Migraine attacks can last hours to days and disrupt daily life. A brighton beach migraine specialist can help you get rid of your headaches.

A person may feel nauseated and sensitive to light, sound, and scent. Hormonal fluctuations, food, alcohol, stress, and exercise cause migraines. Migraine attacks range in severity.

Types of migraine headaches?

The two main migraine kinds are:

  • Migraine aura
  • Aura-less migraine

Auras may precede or accompany headaches in certain persons. It can cause visual problems, including flashes and blind patches, facial, arm, or leg tingling, and speech difficulties. Sometimes, a person can’t see for 30 minutes. Aura begins before the headache and lasts an hour.

Below are migraine subtypes.

  • A person with a brainstem aura may experience vertigo, double vision, unsteadiness, slurred speech, tinnitus, and acute sound sensitivity.
  • Episodic: The most frequent migraine headache. Regular episodic attacks may occur. –High-frequency episodic migraine or chronic migraine occurs when a headache/migraine attack lasts more than seven days in a month.
  • Chronic: A headache lasting 15 or more days a month for over three months is a chronic migraine. Pain severity and symptoms change regularly.
  • Hemiplegic: The headache may be accompanied by momentary numbness, tingling, acute weakness on one side, loss of feeling, dizziness, or vision abnormalities. Extreme cases may include a strong headache.
  • Silent migraine: No headache. People may not feel extreme pain during this migraine. Aura is the key migraine warning indicator. It normally lasts 20–30 minutes.
  • Abdominal migraine: This form affects the abdomen, not the brain. Stomachache, nausea, appetite loss, headache, and vomiting are symptoms. This can develop into migraines in youngsters.
  • Menstrual migraine: Two days before and three days after menstruation. In most cases, this migraine has an aura. Vertigo is typically linked to this form of migraine. The spinning or dizziness lasts a minute to an hour.
  • Ocular or Retinal Migraine: This unusual migraine causes color vision, flashing lights, and loss of vision in one eye. 
  • A constant and severe pain lasting more than three days is status migrainosus. This can induce severe pain and nausea, requiring hospitalization.
  • Ophthalmoplegic migraine: This 7-day migraine can induce droopy eyelids, double vision, and other eye problems.

Natural home cures for migraines?

The following natural and home cures for migraine headaches may help.

  • Dehydration causes migraines, so drinking water may help.
  • Getting good sleep, as research links migraine frequency to poor sleep.
  • Relief from pain with finger and body acupressure.
  • Stress-reduction methods include deep breathing, meditation, music therapy, and relaxation.
  • Regular massage.
  • Consuming magnesium-rich almonds, oats, eggs, milk, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, and peanut butter.
  • Relaxation techniques to control stress autonomic reactivity.
  • Yoga improves mental health.
  • Ginger for migraine nausea.
  • Topically applying peppermint oil.
  • Avoiding migraine-causing foods and drinks.
  • Inhaling lavender oil to relieve pain