Applications indeed play a very essential role in our lives. From morning to evening, we can see ourselves being surrounded by applications. Ever wondered how amazing it would be if using applications could help you earn some extra money? It would be great! While many money-making applications are available today, there are some apps that can help you generate some extra cash flow by increasing your productivity. 

Being productive at work is crucial to enhance your working skills. Procrastination can cause damage to your work. Using complicated and cluttered apps to carry out your routine tasks can compromise productivity and delay work. Therefore, we have made a list of five apps that are easy to use and can help you earn more money by enhancing your productivity around work. Let’s have a look at these apps.


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As the usage of PDF files increases, so does the need to handle them efficiently. It is essential to be productive while managing PDF files. UPDF is a PDF editor that can help you edit PDF files effortlessly. No need to spend extra money on buying PDF editors that are not only expensive but also complicated and difficult to use.

UPDF is not only cheaper compared to its competitors but also very easy to understand and easy to use. It has an intuitive user interface through which you can manage every function easily. Also, it is well suited for heavy workflows. UPDF for Mac is free, and it allows you to edit text and images with ease.

Now UPDF for Mac also is also a PDF converter,it supports conversion to different docs, including Word, Excel, PPT, Images, and other formats. Moreover, you can also add open passwords to PDF documents. Now, UPDF for Windows has also been released.


UPDF is being updated regularly. Creators at UPDF have also improved its performance stability. New features have also been added in UPDF for Mac. This free PDF writer for Mac supports adding signatures and displaying PDF in a slideshow. In addition, you can set password permissions for functions in PDF.

Google Sheets

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Google Sheets is another amazing app and can significantly enhance your productivity around spreadsheets. Present in the Google suite, it is an online spreadsheet that supports excel format and works just like excel. It can also be accessed offline. You have to download the chrome extension to use this app offline.

This application allows you to create and share spreadsheets with your colleagues. Users can collaborate on the document in real-time and make changes. Another advanced feature of Google Sheets enables you to see all the changes made by other users. For a Google spreadsheet alternative, you can also check out another software that offers spreadsheet templates.


Google Sheet is an innovative online spreadsheet provider that has several amazing features. Add cells, rows, columns, sheets, functions, or whatever you want to insert into your spreadsheet with Google Sheets. It can enhance productivity by enabling you to work efficiently and help you earn some extra cash.


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This productive application helps you connect with colleagues, friends, and family no matter where you are. Whether you want to conduct a meeting or attend a birthday party, you can do this virtually by using Skype. This app enables you to call, send messages, video call, and much more.

Skype is an amazing application, and you can also call on mobile phones and landlines using its credit-based calling feature. Apart from this feature, skype is completely free to download and install. Not only can you call and send instant messages via skype, but also send images, videos, documents, and more.


Skype is one of the modern-day telecommunication applications that use the internet to connect. Users can benefit from this app and attend meetings and send documents wherever they are.


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Tired of managing different projects and remembering several details for each? This can hinder your productivity. Use this great productivity-booster project management application that allows you to manage all your projects in one place. With this app, you can collaborate with teams, achieve milestones, and do much more.

Teaming up with colleagues will never be easy without Notion. It allows you to team up without any chaos. You can also take notes within this app so you never lose important information again. You can coordinate deadlines, objectives, or assignments to boost productivity.


This productive app is highly customizable, and you can manage it according to your needs and requirements. You can craft the dashboard, website, doc, or system just the way you want. Built-in templates and integration allow you to benefit from a global ecosystem.


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LastPass is another productivity-boosting app. Today, the use of different applications and the need to remember different passwords for each app makes it difficult for people to work with several apps. LastPass has resolved this issue by providing a password vault that can remember all your passwords. 

No need to spend time creating complicated and strong passwords to protect your data from attackers. LastPass can do it for you. It also helps create strong passwords that are hard to break. This password manager uses strong military-grade encryption and multi-factor authentication that is hard to decrypt.


Benefit from LastPass security features and leave the worries to this app. When there is no tension of your data getting hacked or forgetting different passwords, this results in enhanced productivity.


In this era of technology and competition, it is really crucial to be productive and earn extra money. Also, you can create side income streams to help you in this. We have mentioned five apps in this article that can significantly help you earn more money by enhancing your productivity and creativity. Among these apps, UPDF remains to be our favorite due to the wide usage of PDF files around work and the need to manage them efficiently. UPDF is the best choice when editing PDF files. It is liked by all due to its amazing features and easy-to-navigate user interface.