How can you monitor employee productivity


How Can You Monitor Employee Productivity?

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Employee performance tracking is crucial to ensure that your organization operates efficiently and aims to meet its goal. Whether you have an office running physically or working remotely, it is essential to know how productive your employees are. 

Employee Productivity Monitoring is helpful for employers and employees to gain insight into boosting performance. In this article, we will learn how to monitor employee productivity using the best time-tracking app considering organizational goals, employee performance, and continuous communication.

Employee productivity tracking software empowers managers with the tools to ingress their team’s work quality and improve task completion time without micromanaging their day-to-day activities.

Employee Productivity Tracking Software/ Time Tracking Software

Time Tracking Software shows the real-time data of employees’ efficiency and total time consumed in completing the assigned tasks. The data will help you to analyze employee behavior and record task-based timeline to measure productivity during working hours. This will help employees to manage their workloads while giving the managers the ability to track their reports using Employee Productivity Tracking Software with the ultimate goal of improving employee performance. 

Time Tracking software helps team managers and business owners to optimize and refine employee engagement and helps in smoothing the process to save time and money. 

Productivity monitoring can be of different types, depending on the type of work, resource utilization. Type of employee productivity monitoring:

  1. Work time monitoring: This is the most common and popular way of monitoring employee productivity. This process refers to monitoring everyone’s attendance, time spent at work, and level of productivity throughout the entire day. 
  2. Resource Tracking: Employee resource monitoring not only helps you to monitor the attendance but also give you the insight of the working habits. For example, computers, through computers you can track the work habits of the employees and the usage of the resource throughout the day. 
  3. Automated productivity monitoring: from screen tracking to customized reports and document tracking, new features to monitor your team performance more closely.  

What will you achieve from Employee Productivity Monitoring Software

New businesses come with new challenges. Managing the dynamic workforce is the major challenge that requires versatile solutions which ensures effective and well informed metrics and insight. Time Tracking Software/ Employee Monitoring softwares proved to be an excellent tool and comes with several advantages to managers. 

  1. Real – Time employee productivity. Best Time tracking software gives the real insight of employee productivity. 
  2. Employee Productivity Monitoring software are designed to monitor the computer activities, internet use even to know productivity although the day.
  3. Time Tracking software has proved to be a blessing for the managers to track the employee productivity working on- site or remotely. 
  4. A best time tracking software or monitoring software will help you to track productivity through the login and logout time along with the active time and idle time.  
  5. Time tracking software will record the login and logout time, which help managers to identify the over and underperforming employees along with the overloaded employees.
  6. It is easier to maintain the employee records- attendance, leaves, total time consumed on the assigned task, billable and non billable hours with time racking softwares.

Looking for an ethical way to execute the employee productivity monitoring software? Choose eResource Scheduler.

By using the right Employee Productivity Monitoring Software, you can set the benchmark and determine what is necessary to manage the team productivity maintaining the company culture, well being of employees and work life balance. With the best time tracking software, you can avoid disengagement, burnout and time wastage. 

In order to make a meaningful Resource Management Decision, you need an analytical decision that captures the real time data throughout the workday. E Resource Scheduler the best time tracking software  with varied features to monitor and motivate employee productivity. Built-in timesheet module to capture:

  1. Capture actual time spent by resource on project using built in timesheet
  2. Multiple options for filling timesheet- manually, imported using CSV, pre-filled using scheduling data and using open REST API.
  3. Submitted, approved and rejected data are easily visible through different color codes.
  4. Timesheet can be easily configurable for remote working and on site working which makes it best fit for different levels.
  5. Approvals can be automated or manual which makes eRS timesheet efficient for employees at all levels.
  6. Single screen data which make eRS more accessible
  7. Workflow approval and flexible permissions make eRS timesheet best for all types and sizes of organization.
  8. eResource Timesheet Software can easily track the time spent by resources on different projects , work.
  9. Planned v/s Actual reporting will help you to understand the gap if actual utilization of resources is lesser than the planned.

eResource Scheduler offers a great deal of flexibility and various settings. Introducing the time tracking game in your organization can be engaging on one hand and encouraging on the other hand. The eventual outcome of timesheet software is to enhance and monitor team productivity.