How can you reduce the PCB assembly and manufacturing cost?


How can you reduce the PCB assembly and manufacturing cost?

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PCB assembly is the process of attaching electronic components to a printed circuit board (PCB). They are used to create circuits and they are found in many devices such as computers, mobile phones and televisions. The manufacturing of PCBs can be done by using different methods like surface mount technology (SMT) or through manual wiring. This article will help you find ways to reduce your manufacturing cost and make your business more profitable, FS Tech.

Analyze the circuit board and design

To reduce the PCB assembly and manufacturing cost, you need to analyze the circuit board and design first.

  • Identify the components that are used.
  • Check for any short circuits or broken solder joints on a printed circuit board (PCB). A short circuit can cause an electrical fire, so it is important to check this before sending it out for manufacturing.
  • Make sure all components are accounted for before sending off your boards for production. Missing parts may cause delays due to needing extra time spent searching for replacements instead of producing other orders right away

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is the process of analyzing a product to understand its design. It can be used to improve existing products or to create new ones.

Reverse engineering can also be used to create new products using existing parts, which can help you reduce your manufacturing costs by as much as 85%.

Exploring fabrication options in China

Offshore PCB manufacturers offer lower costs and faster lead times than domestic factories do; however, they may not provide as much flexibility when it comes time for changes or revisions during production. If you choose an offshore manufacturer who specializes in your industry’s needs (as opposed to one who simply offers cheap labor), then there are several advantages that come along with this choice—namely

  • transparency about costs up front;
  • reduced risk of mistakes due to language barriers;
  • more familiarity with industry standards;
  • increased availability of equipment such as laser cutters;
  • more knowledgeable workers;
  • increased flexibility around schedule changes

Checking prototypes from a local supplier

Prototype is a small number of units produced for testing. It’s the first run of a product, and it can be used to test the design and functionality of a product. Here are some things you should consider if you want to reduce your PCB assembly cost:

  • Make sure that your prototype is produced in small batches. If your prototypes require any kind of customization or special features, make sure that those are added before mass production begins so they would not affect your final product.
  • Keep in mind that prototypes don’t need to be perfect! They just need to be functional enough for testing purposes so you can make adjustments according to user feedback before going into mass production.

Buying components in bulk

You can reduce the cost of PCB assembly and manufacturing by buying components in bulk. This is especially effective if you’re ordering a large number of identical components, as you’ll pay less per item when they are purchased in large quantities.


So, now you know all about the ways that can help you reduce the cost of PCB manufacturing. We hope that this article has helped you to understand these concepts and figure out how to incorporate them into your next project!