The digital development train never stops and it delivers a wide range of benefits to all business sectors, especially the food & beverage industry. In this short article, we outline some of the benefits digital tech can bring to a restaurant business. 

Cloud-based data management

In the unlikely event, you have yet to migrate your data to the cloud, this should be a priority; Cloud-based data management allows access from any location and the system is all-device capable. One such benefit is the online recipe management system, which allows multiple venues access, while updates are in real-time.

Customer service

Forget traditional hard-copy menus, you can have tablets with touchscreen features that allow diners to place their order; of course, this does not eliminate your waiting staff, yet it frees them to offer the best in terms of service. You can also integrate billing with numerous digital payment gateways, including Bitcoin; this really comes into its own during busy times, customers do not have to leave their table when paying the bill.

Recipe management

As mentioned above, storing recipes online makes complete sense and when hew menu items are added, all stakeholders are notified and invited to access the file. There are menu-building templates and features that allow you to add images and even video; around-the-clock cyber-security protects your secret recipes and you can restrict access.

Ordering supplies

Everything a large restaurant needs can be sourced online and most restaurants would have an automated ordering and billing system, which ensures that you never run out of essential ingredients. Once you have automated the online ordering, there is little to do, with automated invoice settlement, while you can also set up notifications for kitchen maintenance.

Online booking

Your website should have an online booking system that enables diners to book their favourite table; if a diner cancels, the system informs users, reducing the chances of empty seats. There are many features that boost efficiency, making your website user-friendly and functional.

Create a mobile app

Many restaurant owners have already designed their own mobile app and when downloaded and installed, it offers extensive menu information, plus you can book a table via the app. If you have specials during festivals, create rich promotional content and send it via your app, which is sure to lead to bookings. An app can also be used internally, with a section for employees to book their leave days, plus all the data employees should have access to. 

Social media marketing

Create a Facebook business page and fill it with text, images and video; daily posting should build a healthy following and when you have special promotions, let your social media followers know first. Some restaurateurs enlist the services of a digital marketing agency to manage all their online content, which targets the local community.

The food & beverage sector benefits greatly from emerging digital technology and if you own a restaurant, review your business processes and make your business more efficient.