How Much Does a Thigh Tattoo Cost? – An Ultimate Guide

Tattoo Cost

A thigh tattoo is about as everlasting as it gets in terms of beauty and body art, so you’ll want to be as ready as possible before sitting in the chair. You’ve undoubtedly done research on the greatest parlor, artist,  tattoo pain map, and style if you’re going to participate in the fun. 

However, money is another aspect that is sometimes disregarded when considering this tattoo. How much does a thigh tattoo cost? Read on this post to know more. 

How Much Does a Thigh Tattoo Cost?

A regular size hip or thigh tattoo (approximately 1ft in length) can set you back around $500 for an outline-only design or anywhere from $1500 to $2000 for a full-color one.

Factors Affecting Thigh Tattoo Prices


One of the most significant factors in thigh tattoo pricing is the size of the design. It will determine whether you pay a fixed fee, an hourly fee, or a half-day or full-day fee. Larger tattoos take longer to create and require more effort than smaller ones.

The Complexity of the Tattoo Design

The cost of a tattoo is determined by the time required for the designer to create it. A bit of flash may take no time to create, yet a unique full-back design may take several hours.

Due to the hefty commission tattoo artists will receive for all the work hours, they often charge one hour for your tattoo design. However, for really big designs, they may include the design at no extra fee.

The complexity involved in the process and the accuracy needed to carry it out will extend the necessary time to ink the pattern fully.

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Tattoo Artist Experience

The level of skill and reputation of your tattooist will have a significant impact on the cost of the tattoo. Unless you’re dead set on having tattoos from a specific designer, look at the work of several tattooists in your area to ensure you pick the appropriate one. Don’t simply consider the experience; additionally, consider whether the artist’s approach matches your own.

Tattoo Color

Choosing a full-color tattoo can add to the design’s intricacy by requiring the designer to decide how to arrange or combine the colors for the perfect look. When making a full-color tattoo design, the artist has many artistic options than when working in monochrome.


Hopefully, our post on “how much does a thigh tattoo cost?” was helpful for you. The price of a thigh tattoo is heavily influenced by factors such as size, difficulty, and the artist’s skill. 

You should thoroughly research potential tattooists to pick the one whose aesthetic most closely resembles your own. Spending extra time saving up for the proper ink is preferable to getting one from an unsuitable artist merely since they give a reduced price!