How much does Junk and Trash removal cost?


How much does Junk and Trash removal cost?

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It typically costs owners between 70 and 570 dollars for trash removal. The majority shells out between 150 and 350 dollars, or 1.50 dollars per cubic meter. A typical house will spend around $200 on trash removal, while a business will spend about $500. The cost to remove the junk is 450 dollars for a medium-sized truck.

Junk removal companies will use a big truck to transfer the debris away from you. Most companies base their prices on the amount of trash you have, any additional fees, and the location of your house. It is best to get in touch with the local junk removal firms in advance and seek a price.

A price estimate may be found online, which some businesses like JunkGator give as an alternative. The online estimation is based on the typical item size and local market averages for asking prices. Any item’s size might vary, which can have an impact on your final cost.

Costs associated with Trash removal based on the type

Before your basements and garages become storage spaces for items like a window air conditioner or refrigerator from a year ago, as well as a plethora of old toys, kitchenware, and photos. The least expensive garbage removal near me is between $70 and $100 for a minimum load and between $550 and $570 for a maximum load.

Cost of removing furniture

Getting rid of unwanted or unnecessary furniture can be challenging. Furthermore, most cities do not provide free junk pickup for oversized furniture due to its weight and difficulty to work with.

  • Mattresses: $70 – $105
  • Washing machine and dryer (2 items): $70 – $205
  • Sofa or modular sofa in three pieces: $208- $375

Cost of trash removal per item

Some junk hauling companies will give you a quote based on a picture of the junk you want to be picked up, so you can send them a picture. They will be able to confirm the final price once they see the item(s) in person.

  • Computer / printer $70- $90
  • Lawn mower $70 – $90
  • Hot tub or spa: $100 – $150

Cost to unload at a landfill

When you unload yourself, it typically costs around 50 dollars. Depending on the size of your load, you can expect to pay around 70 to 150 dollars if you hire a professional. The weight of large items makes them oversized. Transporting these items to a landfill or other location may require the intervention of two workers:

  • Freezers and refrigerators from 35 to 60 dollars each
  • Piano removal from $50 to $100
  • AC units from 35 to 60 dollars each
  • Tires (if more than 4) $10 per tire, without rims cost $5 per tire
  • Cable ties are $30 each

Cost of hiring the bins

Some companies provide homeowners with a mini dumpster, which allows them to load trash and other debris as they wish. Renovation and construction projects can be handled with a large dumpster provided by others. It costs between 300 and 800 dollars to rent a dumpster.

The convenience of having a dumpster at home makes it easy for people to get rid of things as they work on their projects. Your bin will be transported away for you once it has been filled. Once the bin is filled, you can call the company to have it removed.


You should have it in the back of your mind that these prices vary with several factors. But you can find out and compare prices for junk removal near you. The platform connects you to junk hauling companies around your regions, making you compare prices and select the most convenient option.