Jake from State Farm” Actor Kevin Miles was a star after landing the role of Jake Rosati, the most beloved insurance salesman in the world. It became a cult favorite and has been renewed several times since its initial release in 2003. It’s easy to see why Kevin Miles continues receiving rave reviews from critics and fans alike for his portrayal of Jake. But what have he done since then? Let’s see how old he actually is and how much he earns in real life.

Short Biography by Kevin Miles

Kevin Miles, an actor who appeared in the films S.W.A.T. Innocent in 2019 was released in 2017. Criminal Minds was released in 2019. He was born in Chicago, Illinois. Jake, a nickname for him, is from State Farm. Also, he has starred in commercials for Coors Light and Taco Bell, T-Mobile. Kevin stands at 5′ 11″ (i.e. Kevin is currently single and stands 182 cm tall.

He is one of the most famous movie actors currently in the United States. Many people are familiar with the name “Jake of State Farm”.

Kevin Miles’ age

Kevin Mimms is 31 years old at the moment. His Instagram shows that he was born July 5, 1990.

  • Kevin Miles’ Net Worth

What does jake make from state farm? Sources claim Kevin Mimms’ net wealth is $1.2 million. This includes his acting career as well as his social media presence. Kevin Mimms’ current salary is not known.

  • Kevin Miles’ Education and Career

His father saw Kevin’s interest in television and acting as soon as he was born. The boy began acting at an early age, starting with his elementary school performance as Lord Capulet in Romeo and Juliet. It was a huge success and allowed him to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming an actor. He graduated from high school in 2004 and enrolled at the Chicago Academy to study theatre and acting in the arts. It was his graduation in 2008.

He then studied theatre at Webster University. He graduated in 2012 with a BA. Fine Arts. He eventually moved to Los Angeles to get a job that was well-paid. He felt unsure and afraid at first. But, he had to decide whether to stay in Chicago to continue his education and build his credentials or move to New York to pursue his dreams. He was able to take care of his mother with the support of his mother, so he saved money and bought an older car. Then he was able to go to New York school.

He eventually ended up sleeping in his car after many failed attempts to find a suitable place to sleep. He became an actor, but it was a difficult dream to realize. It was hard to live in LA. He was able to find casting networks through the help of his friends, which helped him get more attention. He was not afraid to take on small roles.

“This was unquestionably hard. I persevered. It was brick by brick, I put my best foot forward to make it happen and kept going.

Gradually, he started landing roles in TV commercials. Kevin Miles was invited to State Farm’s tryout for the role as Jake. The actor said that Rand [Harbert], State Farm’s CMO, never believed Miles was the right man for the role. “I wasn’t looking for you.” Your callback form was what I needed. My wife saw it and immediately said, “That’s your Jake.”

Kevin Miles was a great actor and became well-known for his portrayal of Jake. He was one of the most prominent TV commercial performers of that era. He often appeared alongside Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes in television commercials. They called him Jake, but they didn’t say Kevin. That is fine (laughs). Jake, they’ll say.

Movies by Kevin Miles Featured in

He was also a regular in TV commercials.

He acted in movies;

  • Kevin Mimms: “Innocent” in 2010.
  • “Jake Squared,” 2013 Cool Party Guy
  • “Lap Dance” as Kevin/Customer in 2014.
  • Timmie: “Miles Away”, 2015
  • “Lionheart”: The James Bay Film Project in 2016, as Liam
  • “American Typecast” as Robber#1 in 2019
  • “Emmanuel and Me” as Joey in 2019
  • 2020: “Most Guys Are Losers,” Muscle Guy