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How to Change Your Location on Tinder

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A perfect match exists for everyone. However, finding that perfect match and ending up with someone similar to you in beliefs, values, and interests is hard. Here, apps like Tinder come in handy. Since global digitization has penetrated every aspect of our lives, exploring various options for a suitable partner has also changed. 

Tinder is an intelligently designed app. It relies mainly on your location extracted from your phone’s GPS so that suitable matches come up as search results within one or a hundred miles. Of course, the search results would not include any person beyond a hundred miles. Thus, if you want to broaden your search horizon, you must go beyond the hundred-mile limit. 

Changing Your Location on Tinder 

The authentic way to change Tinder location is to get the premium feature Tinder Passport, for which subscribers have to pay to alter their location. But we have also mentioned other ways to change your location on Tinder. 

Changing Location by Subscribing to Tinder Passport 

One of the authentic ways to broaden your search and change your location on Tinder is to pay for Tinder Passport. It allows you to search the city you want to set as your location or drop a pin on the map. 

Although you can only select one city or place at a time, paying for Tinder Passport allows you to change mock location multiple times without any limits. If you are up for this paid subscription to Tinder, the best idea is to sign up for Tinder Plus for one year (which equals $1.67 monthly). You can change the location as soon as you subscribe for this upgrade. 

Follow these steps to change your location across all the premium plans – including Tinder Plus, Tinder gold, and Tinder Platinum. 

  • Go to your profile icon 
  • Click Settings 
  • Click the “Location” option 
  • Click “Add New,” and select your location 

Changing Your Tinder Location Using a VPN 

Another effective and secure way to change your Tinder location is to buy VPN. A VPN allows you to spoof your location from a list of provided regions and hides your actual location. It would help if you chose a reliable and good VPN for this, such as Ivacy VPN, which has servers in various locations – thus, allowing you to select any city or state of your choice as your location. 

A VPN is not complicated and can be set within minutes. Follow the basic steps to set up a VPN on your device and change location on Tinder via VPN.

  • Download and install the VPN of your choice 
  • Set up an account and log in with your credentials 
  • Set up the new location and input any necessary authentication codes 
  • Lastly, connect Tinder app from the location you have selected on the VPN and explore new matches 

Manual Process to Change Location on Tinder 

You can also change your Tinder location by hiding your IP address and replacing it with another. You can do this by carefully following these steps: 

  • Go to your system settings 
  • Go to Wi-Fi
  • Click Network 
  • Locate the IPv4 address and under that, find the option “Configure IP” 
  • Now select “Manual” 
  • Enter the new IP address corresponding to the location of your choice 

For Android: 

  • Go to android settings 
  • Select the “Wireless & Network” option 
  • Choose your Wi-Fi and click “Modify Network” 
  • Click “Advanced Options”
  • Now select “Change your IP address,” enter the new address, and you are good to go! 

Changing Tinder Location via Third-Party Apps 

You can also change your location on Tinder using third-party apps like Dr. Fone. Some third-party apps such as these offer a free Virtual Location feature that allows you to let the Tinder app think you are using the app from some other location. 

Change the Location on Tinder via Facebook 

Remember how often we opt for the easiest way to log into an app by simply signing up via Google or Facebook? If you are guilty of the same thing when you first created your account on Tinder, you can easily change your Tinder location by adding your desired location to your Facebook profile. 

It is how you can change your Facebook location: 

  • Log into your Facebook account 
  • Go to your Facebook profile “Settings” 
  • Click “Location” 
  • Click “Never” 

These steps will allow Facebook to use your IP address to approximate your location instead of following your phone’s GPS signals. Even with this process, you must use one of the above methods to change your IP address so that Facebook can catch on.  

Changing Location by Proxy Servers 

Another way around changing your Tinder location is to use a proxy server. As compared to VPNs, proxy servers are less recommended and effective. If you are wondering about the primary difference between a VPN and a proxy server is that the latter only encrypts your IP address for one app. On the other hand, a VPN provides overall encryption for all apps you use via the internet. 

Suppose you are okay with exposing your browsing history and other activities on the internet and are only interested in masking your IP address. In that case, proxy servers are your best choice. 

Final Word 

Tinder is a straightforward app that lists matches based on your location and other profile attributes. Changing location on Tinder might enhance your experience of finding yourself the best match.