How to Choose a Top for Women?

When a woman buys a top, she usually faces two questions: “What will suit me?” and “What details should I pay attention to so that the clothing fits well?” We are going to answer these questions and tell you how to pick tops for women.

What kind of women’s tops suit you?

You probably know that stylists distinguish five types of female figures: apple, pear, athletic, rectangle, and hourglass. An appropriate women tops make the figure proportional, which means that the torso doesn’t appear too short or too long.

1. Apple

This body type has the outlines of an oval: the waist is not clearly defined, the chest and hips are almost the same in width, and the legs and buttocks are rounded.

Oval-shaped women look great in high-waisted and wrap-like tops. A deep V-neck, drapery, and fancy collars emphasize the décolleté, making the torso look longer and slimmer.

2. Pear

This figure type reminds the shape of a triangle: the lower body is wide, so the bust and shoulders look comparatively narrow.

Women with pear figures can boldly emphasize the neckline. Tops with thin straps, deep V-necks, decorative collars, and one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder tops typically suit them.

3. Athletic

Athletic women look like very typical runners: their bodies seem elongated because of their slim legs and narrow hips. The upper parts are well-developed and wide, so the bodies remind the inverted triangle.

If you are athletic, try V- and U-neck tops, straight-cut shirts, and tops with wide straps. Clothing that makes the torso look more rectangular will suit you, so feel free to wear elongated clothing and diagonally or vertically striped apparel.

4. Rectangle

Rectangle-shaped women have small busts and flat bottoms. The waist typically has the same width as the hips.

In this case, you should emphasize the waist. How? Just add some volume in the upper or lower part of the body. Cinched waist tops, peplum blouses, voluminous T-shirts, and long sleeves will suit you.

5. Hourglass

Hourglass women have very clear curves. Breasts and hips are approximately the same sizes, and the waist looks very narrow against their background.

Tight-fitting T-shirts, turtlenecks, and off-the-shoulder tops usually fit hourglass-shaped women. These pieces are best paired with skirts and high-rise pants to accentuate the waist.

What cut details you should pay attention to when choosing a top?

Choosing the right top depends on its type, but there are several universal rules that you can apply to any piece of clothing.

  1. Length. The top should come down below your waist, so you can tuck it into your pants. This length is optimal; otherwise, the top looks sloppy. Crop tops are an exception, of course.
  2. Side seam. The top should sit close enough under the armpits but not touch them.
  3. Collar. The tops with a collar should not press on the throat. You should be able to slide your hand easily under the collar, even if it is buttoned all the way up.

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