Enjoy Summer Nights


How to Enjoy Summer Nights with Garden Furniture?

Enjoy Summer Nights, Garden Furniture

English summers are some the most romantic weathers especially during evenings. Spending such an evening with your loved one or near and dear ones can be a memorable experience. Summer nights are the best time to warm up by the pool or relax on the patio with a book and a glass of wine. Rattan Garden Furniture Ltd is a reputed brand and has stores throughout the mainland England where you can buy best quality rattan garden furniture and other items that will help your garden a perfect place to enjoy summer nights.

With our collection of comfortable couches, easy chairs and loveseats available in your favourite styles and colour schemes, you can create an oasis right in your home with our selection of quality furniture. Let us find out a few options how can we decorate our garden with special furniture to make our summer nights unforgettable.

5 Garden Furniture Ideas This Summer

Rattan Sofa Set

Rattan Sofa Sets are available in various combinations of a central table in circular or rectangular table top and 2 to 3-seater sofa sets. You should choose a combination that will allow you to accommodate all family members or the closed partying group that you intend to party often.

Rattan Hammock and Swings

Children and young adults like hammocks and swings equally as elders. Who doesn’t like to relax on a hammock and gaze at the stars languidly at night? You can install a hammock with the pole or a tree. However, it is important to ensure that the swing is tied well so that you can enjoy your evening without any stress of safety. 

Rattan Dining Set with a Bar

For those who like to dine outdoors and spend quality time in the lap of nature, they can select rattan dining sofa set combo with the centre table housing an ice bucket to keep your liquor and mocktails chilled. A glass table top with ice bucket in the centre is a perfect furniture that you can have in your garden. 

Rattan Recliners

Even if you do not party a lot or you like to spend time in your own company, recliners can be a perfect furniture to relax after a tiring day. Recliners are known to provide relaxation as they not only give you the option to straighten your back but also provide you the luxury to sit and talk with your legs lying on the seat instead of folding it while sitting. 

Corner Dining Sofa Set

If you want to set up your garden furniture in a patio which is in a corner, you can go ahead with the corner dining sofa set. It will help you save enough space and seat more number of people in the same space. Another benefit of corner dining sofa set is that you can utilise the two edges near the wall for seating and leave the remaining two side open to allow you an uninterrupted view of the garden where children play on the grass and enjoy the summer night.

Bonus Tips

  • Choose the colour of the sofa set that matches the ambience of your garden. In case you find it difficult to choose a colour, you can simply go ahead with either white or black rattan garden furniture. Club the furniture with punchy coloured cushions to give a contrasting look.
  • If you are allergic to leather or leather products, you can use rexin fabric to cover foam. Do not hesitate to ask your furniture to be customised as per your preferences. 
  • If you are concerned about the impact of weather on your furniture, you can use covers to protect the rattan furniture when not in use.