If you are here then we are sure you already know the reaping benefits of marijuana plants. Are you thinking about getting marijuana for yourself or your loved one in California? Well, you need to be a California Medical Marijuana Card holder for that. Let us walk you through the process, now.

Medical Marijuana Legalization in California

It all began in 1996 when voters passed Proposition 215. This is also popularly known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 which legalized the use of medical cannabis for the first time. A long way road. Since then, many other states have recognized weed for medical use. In 2018, after several years of perusal, adult use of marijuana in the state of California, with limitations has been legalized. Such changes have led to marijuana access for all residents. However, due to the regulatory difference between adult use and medical marijuana, it is highly advised to get an MMJ card to meet your needs.

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in California 2022

If we take a look at the official guidelines and registration process as a commoner, it is pretty overwhelming. We at My MMJ Doctor have condensed the information such that you are clear with what you are about to get into. With that being said, let’s see who can apply for a medical card in California.

Qualifying Medical Conditions:

This is the updated list of eligible conditions as of 2021. If the legislation may add more health conditions, visit My MMJ Doctor where we will keep you updated.

  • AIDS
  • Arthritis
  • Anorexia
  • Cancer
  • Cachexia
  • Chronic Pain
  • Migraine
  • Glaucoma
  • Persistent muscle spasms
  • Severe nausea
  • Seizures
  • Any other chronic condition

So, if you find yourself or your loved one to be under this list, then do not wait to get your card. There are a bunch of benefits that come with a medical marijuana card along with a cure for your condition.

What are the perks of having a medical cannabis card?

  1. Exemption from taxes – qualified patients with MMJC are to be exempted from sales taxes on marijuana products.
  2. Age Limitlessness – available even to patients under 18 years of age when registered with the help of a caregiver.
  3. Quality and Potency – Low THC or High CBD products are readily available in licensed dispensaries for MMIC holders.

How Does A California Medical Marijuana Card Function?

California state has made the process easy. The official government website runs for you to get a medical card all from the comfort of your couch! 

You can apply and register online with the state once you have a licensed doctor’s prescription. Then, if the state finds you fit, you will receive a unique MMID number through which you will be identified as a medical marijuana patient in California. MMID approves you to purchase medical marijuana in any state-certified dispensary without hassle.

Don’t worry, no personal information will be accessible to anyone other than the official program overlookers.

Why Get An MMJ Card With My MMJ Doctor?

MMJ Doctor takes you through a smooth journey while you seek recommendations from a certified physician practicing in California. Our team works closely with numerous qualified doctors to answer all your questions. Take a look at the 3-step process to have a better understanding.

  1. Book your appointment – You don’t have to wait for the clinic to open and for the doctor to visit. All you do is click on the Apply Now button and choose a convenient time.
  2. Consult with your doctor – A medical practitioner will evaluate your medical condition through a video call. Once your discussion is over, if the doctor finds you eligible, they will write you a recommendation letter. That simple!
  3. Register with the State – Download your recommendation from your email and produce it to register on the state’s official website.

What Documents Should I submit To Get A MMIC?

Now, to register with the state, you need to meet some prerequisites. Prepare all the essential documents and begin applying on a single stretch.

  • Photo ID – A passport photo abiding by all the requirements or a government-provided proof to validate your identity.
  • State ID – Such as a driver’s license or passport to prove your age and residency.
  • Medical Proof – Any medical record with a valid physician’s recommendation to prove your medical condition.

That’s it! You’re all ready to receive California’s state-approved medical marijuana card. But before you go, you must know the laws and regulations surrounding the use of medical marijuana in the state. So that you can keep away from any legal issues.

California Medical Marijuana Rules 2022

  1. A qualified patient may acquire up to eight ounces of dried marijuana.
    1. You can buy and possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis without an MMJ card. However, if you’re carrying more than 28.5 grams of marijuana, that’s considered a misdemeanor and you could be charged with up to six months in jail.
  2. Cultivate only six mature or 12 immature medical marijuana plants solely for medical use.
  3. It is illegal to access marijuana devoid of legal permissions or sell marijuana without a license.
  4. Along with these, there are severe laws for public intake and driving under the influence. So, be mindful of where and when you carry your marijuana.

Can I Get A Medical Marijuana Card In California If I’m 18?

California allows patients who are 18 or older to be qualified for a medical marijuana card. However, if you are under 18, you can still reap the benefits with the help of a caregiver. A caregiver is usually a parent, or guardian, or a person 21 or older, authorized by the patient’s parent or guardian. This caregiver must be registered with the state and possess an MMJ card to assist in the patient’s possession, consumption, cultivation, and purchase of marijuana. 

What Is The Reciprocity Status Of A California MMJ Card?

If you have a valid medical marijuana card from another state, you can still utilize that in California. 

Also, if you are a valid MMJ card holder of California, then the purchase of marijuana in states like Arizona, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Rhode Island shouldn’t be restricted.

Will My Medical Marijuana Card Expire?

Yes, the card is printed with the expiration date on it. Every year, from the date of issuance, you must renew your card and recommendation to be able to legally purchase marijuana in California.

How Much Does A California MMJ Card Cost?

There are two types of fees:

  1. Application fees – due when you submit your application. Your application is reviewed after the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) receives your application fee.
  2. License fees – due when your application is approved. DCC issues your license after you pay the license fee. The license fee is also due each year when you renew the license.

Fees are specific to the license type you are applying for or renewing. Most fees are calculated based on your business’s gross annual revenue. 

With all these things in mind, you can take advantage of the MMJ card in California with the help of  My MMJ Doctor. Always follow up with the laws and find better treatments for your ailments. We hope the information we provided here helped you get a medical marijuana card at the right time!