How to Get Appointed Attire Gear in FFXIV?

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG that was first released back in 2013, and it became one of the most popular titles of the Final Fantasy series in a short time. To get a better idea about how good the game actually is, compare it with any single-player title from the Final Fantasy series. Everything from the story to gameplay and game mechanics makes it the first choice of gamers. This is the best time to enjoy this popular title of the past. With the latest update, patch 5.3 developers have increased the maximum level limit to sixty for the trial version, which was previously locked at level 35 only. Players are now able to enjoy the base game known as “A Realm Rebron” along with the famous Heavensward expansion, which was released in 2015. You can also fly in the base game to reach somewhere safely and quickly.

Many new deliveries were also launched in the Final Fantasy XIV patch number 6.15, and players are excited about them. Gatherers and crafters were pretty bored, and this update gives them a new reason to work hard. The game comes up with many pieces of gear to help players in showing their fashion sense to a large gaming community. As the appointed attire gear is pretty new to the game, so there are a lot of questions that still need answers. Below is the ultimate guide to getting appointed attire gear in FFXIV. You need to leave the player-vs-player arena, dungeons, or raid areas first to unlock these gears.

What the Appointed Attire looks like?

To motivate you to get your hands on the Appointed attire gear, this section discusses what this set looks like along with more details about it. For starters, the appointed attire coffer features five different items, including an appointed jacket, cap, appointed shoes, appointed gloves, and appointed slacks. The default color scheme of this coffer is black and white, but you can dye it in your favorite color after unlocking it. 

From the looks of these items, shoes and slacks are as usual, but the appointed cap, as well as the appointed jacket, are what catches the eyes of gamers. If you search for more details, you will find that most gamers these days are using this coffer to become a part of the trend. It enables you to make Ameliance look better because her default clothing is very bad looking.

How to get Appointed Attire Gear?

The process to get appointed attire gear starts with new custom deliveries in the game. But there are a few requirements that you have to meet to unlock them. The first requirement is that you have to complete the main storyline quest, “Endwalker.” Afterward, level up a disciple of the hand or a disciple of the land to a minimum of level eighty, as well as complete the “Go west, Craftsman” quest, which is the level sixty quest in FFXIV.

Now that you have met the requirements, go to Old Sharlayan(X: 12.6, Y: 9.7) and meet a well-dressed attendant NPC to take the “Of Mothers and Merchants” quest and complete it. Custom deliveries come every week, and you have to complete them to eventually take the satisfaction level of Ameliance to rank five and receive the appointed attire gear as a reward afterward. You will finally be able to get all appointed attire gear by going to Meryld in Old Sharlayan (X: 15.7, Y: 7.1) and completing the “A Gift from House Leveilleur” quest. You can go to a Moogle Shop on the game map and use FF14 Gil to buy desired items instantly.

Other supply Rewards

The Leveilleur of Ameliance is the second customized NPC reward that you will get by completing supply missions. There are a total of eight such rewards, and this reward is the best for players who don’t want any combat reward and need customizing options. You have to go to Ehll Tou and complete missions to achieve their max satisfaction and receive a dragon mount as a reward in the end. You can go to X:14.4 Y:12.7 in Firmament to meet her. Completing tribal quests of Arkasodara can provide you with rewards through content material along with an Arkasodara minion. MMOPIXEL.COM is a safe platform for those who want to buy game resources at the best price and get instant delivery.