Have you noticed your Instagram is lacking engagement? It is not out of the ordinary in the fast-paced world! However, you must set yourself in recovery mode to recover the audience loss. Here are a few Instagram followers hacks to get you on the right track.

Post regularly

One of the reasons your Instagram may not be doing so well is the creators are not posting regularly. Therefore, the followers are not getting sufficient time to interact with the profile. If that is the case for you, you may struggle to attain free Instagram followers. Therefore, it is up to you to post a few times a week to get your profile and creativity into a rhythm.

Posting pictures isn’t the only way to maximize engagement. Instagram followers hack includes posting videos, entertaining reels, stickers, polls, and live broadcasting. Successfully planning content will motivate you to stick to a schedule.

Study competitors

Free Instagram followers come to you once you begin posting regularly. However, Instagram followers hack also mentions visiting other profiles and commenting on other creators’ pages. Once your profile starts to become recognized, Instagram users will follow you and leave comments. Furthermore, they will also react to Instagram stories and send direct messages.

The hack is not rocket science but requires virtual social engagement. Talking to your audience will help you engage with the following. Therefore, comment and share other creators’ profiles while adhering to Instagram guidelines.

Identify the user

When your profile is enroute to becoming recognized, some profiles will visit your images but will not follow you. This means that even though Instagram suggests your content, it does not recommend it to the correct audience. Therefore, you must identify your target audience, such as gender, age, or profession. It will make the content relevant.

We suggest browsing the competitor’s profile if you face trouble in this department. Their content will inspire you to gain 100 free Instagram followers with proper imagery and engagement. Lastly, it will also help build a content strategy too.


It doesn’t hurt to interact with other creators to attain free Instagram followers. Direct messages are a genius technique to schedule a collaboration, go live together, or build an online friendship. Furthermore, you can also use relevant tags to create a travelling log. Your content is shared on their pages, leading to double engagement and recognition.

However, this Instagram follower hack requires partnering up with a strategic creator. They must have the potential to increase your audience while simultaneously entertaining theirs. That is a tough trick to balance!

Participate or set trends

Have you ever considered using user-generated content to attract followers? Reposting is also a genius strategy to ensure the following does not slow down. Furthermore, it also recognizes the audience interested in interacting with your content. They will appreciate the comments, productreviews, or hashtags.

User-generated content is also a part of participating in challenges and contests. It increases engagement and reduces the size of the audience population. If you are entertaining, the audience-based interaction will make you go viral.

Which Instagram followers hack was your favorite?

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