How to Get Your Package Delivered in Malaysia with DHL

Malaysia is one of the fastest-growing courier-based international trade hubs. It’s also one of the easiest places in South-East Asia to get your packages delivered. Moreover, with its strategic position in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, it’s also an ideal location for shipping goods between several countries. As a result, it’s no wonder that DHL, the world’s leading international logistics provider, is keen to expand its operations in the country. The good news is that you don’t have to be a local company to get your packages shipped to or from Malaysia. In fact, by following some of these tips, you can get your packages shipped to Malaysia from any country in the world.

How to Get Your Package Delivered with DHL express in Malaysia

Get your package shipped to Malaysia via DHL’s website:

1. Select the country you want the package to be delivered in.

2. Pick the city or state that you want the package delivered to.

3. Specify the delivery date and time.

4. If you have a preferred courier service, check those out to see which one they’ll recommend based on your shipment’s weight, size, and destination address in Malaysia.

5. Once you’ve found a recommended courier service, simply make an online payment for the fee and hit submit.

The courier will then proceed with your shipment as soon as possible after confirming your payment details.

Use DHL’s Online Shipping Portal

The first thing you should do is use DHL’s online shipping portal. With this portal, you can print a DHL shipping label and then have it delivered to any courier service in Malaysia. In other words, this portal allows you to ship your package via one of DHL’s partners at a discounted rate. Additionally, by using the Internet to print your shipping label, you avoid having to go through the hassle of visiting or calling a physical store for your supplies. Moreover, because the Internet is so accessible in Malaysia, your package will be shipped from the warehouse closest to where you are located. If you want to get more specific with your shipment, don’t forget that there are also several options available on the online shipping portal related to how long a package can stay in customs before it must be shipped domestically.

Register with DHL as a Registered User

Registering with DHL as a registered user is the first step in getting your packages delivered to or from Malaysia. To do so, fill out this form and you’ll receive an email informing you of your username and password. Once you’ve submitted your form, click on “Create My Account” in the email that was sent to you and follow the instructions on the screen. If registering with DHL was not enough, you can also join their mailing list which will allow you to receive emails about special offers, news about DHL activities in Malaysia, and invitations to events.

Choose DHL as your Shipping Partner

DHL is one of the most popular shipping services in Malaysia. Moreover, it offers a wide range of services like air, sea, and international express. It also has an excellent reputation for delivering packages without damage or delay. This makes it one of the best shipping partners you can use to get your packages delivered in Malaysia. When you’re ready to start sending packages from your country to Malaysia, contact DHL and choose them as your reliable partner for international deliveries.

DHL offers an easy-to-use shipping option for those who want their package to be delivered in Malaysia. It’s the perfect option for those who want to ship items internationally, particularly to the United States, Canada, and Europe. With DHL, your package can be delivered domestically or internationally and the service is available in more than 200 countries on six continents.