How to Link Blizzard Account to Twitch How To Connect Blizzard Account to Twitch?

How to Connect Blizzard Account with Twitchhas revealed the steps needed to link the Twitch account to Battle.net to access Soft Launch of Overwatch 2 game.

Did you receive an invitation to Overwatch Beta 2 access in your inbox? Gamers who have been invited to beta 2 are able to access it, and gain knowledge about Overwatch 2 main features. Gamers who do not receive mail invitations are able to access the beta via Twitch drops.

Developers have made this window available to players, so that fans who play Overwatch who reside in America United States can get an additional chance to join this beta-like event. How to Connect a Blizzard account to Twitch will assist players connect their accounts and receive an initial look at the Overwatch 2 Game.

Baattle.Net to Twitch:

According to Blizzard the players with Twitch accounts can link them directly to their Battle.net account and stream the Overwatch stream to gain access to the beta. Many players have been informed they can watch Overwatch 2 beta is live for those who have access to the game.

The players must watch the stream of the game for four hours via their Twitch account in order to be able to access The beta version. The total streaming time is 8 hours. It will be live streaming on the 27th of April.

How To Connect Blizzard Account to Twitch?

The steps required to connect your Battle.net account and Twitch.tv accounts. twitch.tv accounts are listed below for your convenience.

  • Log in to the Twitch account using the website Twitch.tv
  • Simply click on “Profile”, then navigate to the settings in it.
  • In the settings Go into the tab for connection, and locate the Connect button.
  • Players need to click on the connect button located on the right side of Battle.net.
  • The player will be taken to a landing site on Blizzard battle.net.
  • Once you have registered on Battle.net sign in to our account to get the twitch drop.

Players must be able to obtain an Overwatch license in conjunction with their battle.net account to redeem their Twitch drop.

How to Link Blizzard Account to Twitch?

Participants who are eligible for twitch drops are able to redeem it and receive an access code to Overwatch 2 beta. After receiving their twitch drops, they can have access to the beta event by following the steps listed below.

  • Players must log in to the account of their Battle.net account.
  • If you visit the Battle.net homepage, look for the Overwatch link near the top of the page.
  • On the drop-down menu, choose the Game version option.
  • Choose over the Overwatch technical beta from the game’s version and click Install.
  • The file will be downloaded.
  • After downloading, hit the play button to look at the new heroes and game’s map.

How to Join Blizzard Account with Twitch can assist users redeem their Twitch drop and gaining access to the Overwatch game before they even start.

Additional information about Overwatch Beta 2:

  • The Twitch Drop will be active on April 27, between 10 am and 6 pm.
  • In an eight-hour timeframe the players must follow the stream for 4 hours.
  • The players will get to know about their new heroes Sojourn as well as different game modes, and more new features.

The final verdict

Beta 2 Beta 2 is an excellent opportunity for participants to receive information on Overwatch 2 and new features. It’s an excellent chance that players can win the twitch drops and learn about their favorite game prior to the release date. How to link Blizzard account to Twitch post invites Twitch players to express their opinions about Overwatch beta 2 via the comments section.