There’s no reason for you to invest in a bulky, expensive camper if you already have a truck. With the right accessories and modifications, you can turn your truck into a camper when you need one. This flexibility can make your life a lot easier, and give you access to a lot more campsites. So, what does it take?

Roof Tent for Any Location

You’ll want to start with a place to sleep and get out of the elements. A roof top tent makes use of the space above the bed of your truck. They can be surprisingly spacious and easy to enter. Sleeping off of the ground is beneficial for keeping you away from animals and guarantees you won’t be tossing and turning on uneven ground.

You can find roof tents that are a universal fit or specifically made for your model of truck. If you want to port this gear between multiple trucks, it may be better to go with a universal fit. However, if you only have one vehicle dedicated to this kind of use, look for a tent made for your truck model.

Off-road Tires To Get You There

Now that you’ve got the tent, where are you going to go? Optimize your truck to safely navigate backcountry areas, and you’ll have a lot more options. Depending on the terrain and the weather, there are many different variations of off road tires.

If you spend most of your time in one type of biome, say a desert, you’ll want to find tires made for traversing sand. If you travel all over the place, look for some that are more universally off-road capable.

Suspension for Conferbility

Replacing your stock tires with beefier off-roading tires means you’ll have to make some adjustments to your truck to accommodate. Lift your chasse to make more room for these tires and put in an improved suspension system for getting over obstacles. Suspension kits for trucks often do both. It helps to consult with an expert because there are many different ways you can go about this, depending on your vehicle and your goals.

Electrical Setup for Power

Unless you keep it really old school, power is a common expectation in any camping scenario. At the very least you’ll want a charging station for your gadgets, such as your phone, GPS, or emergency satellite device. However, it doesn’t take much to expand to a convenient kitchen setup, as well.

This can be done in a couple of ways. Portable solar panels are becoming more accessible and easier to use, but you still need to depend on direct access to sunlight. It’s more reliable to install an extra battery and hook up whatever ports and adapters you need. This can even work out of the bed of your truck.

You’re depending on this gear to keep you safe through the night, so you need to be sure you’re investing in quality equipment. Compatibility with your specific model is also a must. Research a reliable retailer that does it all and reach out for more information today.