To most people, online roulette is a fun little game to pass the time. However, if you want to, it’s possible to become something of a roulette master. Sure, you’re quite limited in terms of what you can do (as roulette is a game of almost 50/50 chance), but this beginner’s guide will provide you with some trade secrets that should help you. 

What is Online Roulette? 

For those that don’t know, online roulette is the internet-based version of the classic casino game roulette. You simply join one of the many online casinos, fire up roulette, and start placing bets. You can bet on either:

  • Red or black 
  • An odd or even number
  • An individual number 
  • Sections

There are also other types of less popular roulette bets, such as a high or low bet, which is when you bet on a number between 1 and 18 (low) or a number between 19-36 (high). If you’ve never played online roulette before and are a total beginner, stick to simple red or black bets at first. Then, as your experience levels grow, you can progress into the slightly more complicated types of bets.

Generally, playing online is seen as the more convenient option compared to playing in a land-based casino. You don’t have to get dressed, travel anywhere, or pay an entry fee – which you can’t complain about. 

Online Roulette Tips 

Now, let’s take a close look at the best online roulette tips that will help you to master this legendary game. 

Always Choose Single-Zero Wheels 

In the online roulette universe, there are single-zero and double-zero roulette wheels. 

When you have the chance, you should always choose single-zero wheels, as this means ‘the house’ (the casino) has a slightly reduced mathematical advantage over you.  

Single-zero house edge: 2.7%

Double-zero house edge: 5.26%

So, when you place a bet on a single-zero online roulette wheel, you have a slightly bigger chance of winning. 

Play with a Budget 

All roulette pros play with a budget. This allows them to have excellent bankroll management – meaning they never place reckless or dangerous bets that they can’t afford. Follow these steps to get better at budgeting. 

Make sure to set yourself a budget for each online roulette session you plan. Whether you’re comfortable with $10 a session or $100 a session, a budget is essential.

Take advantage of Free spins 

To truly master roulette, you need to take advantage of free spins so that you can play more regularly. 

Free spins are exactly what it says on the tin: they’re for free. You don’t have to wager any more at all, but you can still win some in return. However, you likely won’t win as much as Drake did at online roulette.

To get free spins, most online casinos will require you to make a deposit that reaches a certain amount e.g., Deposit $50 this week and receive 50 free spins in roulette. 

Free spins don’t come around every day, which is why you need to grab them with both hands and use them to your advantage. 

Gamble responsibly.