How To Promote  Startups On Instagram?

Instagram is ranked among the most popular social media platforms in the world. Besides being one of the most sought platforms, the social media platform comes with great features that you can leverage to promote your startup.

Studies indicate that 74% of Instagram users consider brands with Instagram accounts relevant while another 78% perceive them as popular. Commanding slightly over 1.3 Billion users worldwide, the importance of Instagram for new brands can not be underscored.

Instagram comes with great features that you can leverage to generate leads, connect with the audience, build brand awareness and create ads on Meta  Business  Suite. Plus, Instagram offers an array of ad formats and services that suits the needs of every business.

Other benefits of using  Instagram to promote your business include the ability to reach out to new customers and target specific demographics. Therefore if you haven’t thought about creating an Instagram profile for your startup,it’s high time you consider creating one.

So how can you take your startup to the next level through Instagram marketing?

In this article,we explore ways you can promote your startup and increase the success rate of your brand.

Cross Promote Posts 

If you want to build a strong brand portfolio on  Instagram then cross-promoting your posts on other platforms is a perfect idea.For example, you can invite people to follow you on Instagram through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Posting on other social media platforms not only improves your reach but also makes it easy for people to notice your brand across other social media platforms.Do not assume that everyone on social media can reach you through Instagram.This makes it easy for you to reach out to people who may not be available on Instagram.In the long run, you stand a chance to build a strong online portfolio and grow your audience.

Post  Moderately

Do not overwhelm the audience with content. Some followers are likely to unfollow you if you keep on throwing a lot of content around.In this case, you should strive to post often enough to stay relevant.

While there’s no magic formula for posting, you should first test to ascertain how your audience responds. As a starting point,you should post twice daily and alternate the posting schedule to find out when your highest engagement occurs.

Alternatively, you can experiment with fewer and more posts daily while paying attention to the rate of engagement. Once you find your sweet spot, you can alternative multiple posting schedules until you get a clear posting schedule.

Engage With Followers

If people leave a comment on your posts, take time to respond and thank them. That way, you not only stand a chance to get loyal customers but also increase the potential to win the trust of the target audience.

Additionally,you should incorporate ways you can interact with your posts. For example,”Tag two of your friends .”Since most of these friends are introduced by other people that they know, they are likely to trust your brand.

Use  an Interactive  Hashtag

Using an interactive hashtag is an effective strategy that you can use to spark engagement on your Instagram profile. For example, you can create a hashtag that customers use to tag photos of products they have just purchased.

Reposting hashtags containing photos of customers holding the products they have just bought increases the chances of other people sharing the photos since they’d like to be featured on your posts.

Leverage  Creativity To Increase Followers

Creativity with your images is a perfect strategy that you can use to appeal to the target audience.Infact creative images are more effective than straight advertisement posts.This is a smart move since without creativity, your start-up can easily be lost in the noise.

Once you become creative,you not only stand a chance to appeal to the target audience but also increase the potential of generating more followers for your Instagram profile. Remember the more followers you have on your Instagram profile the higher the chances of building a strong brand portfolio.

Leverage Free Instagram Tools

Instagram has rolled out business profiles that start-ups can leverage to grow their audience.The Instagram tool comes with a call to action button and contact details that lets people email or contact the business.

In addition to the contact button, Instagram’s business profiles come with important insights or analytics that people can use to collect important data for their business.If you are using your Instagram account for your business,it is important to convert it to a business profile to take advantage of these options.

Content  Repurposing   

If you find it challenging to come up with creative content for your Instagram profile then you should consider repurposing content from other niche-specific Instagram profiles.In this case you should credit the original source by not only tagging their profile but also mentioning them in your caption.

Once you reporpose content from other Instagram profiles,the accounts are likely to return the favor by repurposing your content once they see your posts.The tactic is not only effective in growing your audience but also in building a strong brand portfolio on Instagram.

Go Live On Instagram

Another effective trick you can use to promote your start-up on Instagram is going live.This not only proves to the target audience that you exist but also plays a critical role in building trust with the target audience.

When you go live on Instagram, people can engage directly with you and find out more about your startup. Eventually, they are likely to become familiar with your products and share the information with their friends.In the long run, you improve the potential of growing your audience and generating more leads for your business.

Focus More  on  Stories Than Products

Generating tons of followers on your Instagram profile isn’t enough to get sales. You need to be part of the community to sell your products. For example, you can engage either through a video or images.

Never push products on Instagram blindly. You need to invest in producing high-quality videos and images.It makes a huge difference if you share high-quality videos since poorly produced content not only compromises the credibility of your brand but also denays you as a huge junk of followers who may have become customers.

Target the Right Audience

Before you start marketing on Instagram, you first figure out the type of audience you intend to target. Regardless of how effective you are with your Instagram marketing campaign, you may not achieve much if you don’t target the right audience.

If you target the right audience,you increase the potential of generating sales from your marketing campaigns. Try to be specific on what your start-up intends to sell and how customers can benefit from the products or services.

Try to post on topics that resonate well with your target audience. These people are likely to buy your products only if they feel the marketing messages shared address their needs.


If you have just set up a startup and are wondering how you can promote your brand on Instagram, the tips shared in this article give important insights that you can use to build a powerful brand.

Whether you are just starting with Instagram or struggling to penetrate the internet space, you can try out these tips to grow your audience and generate more sales from your Instagram audience.