If you have just started a YouTube channel, and you are looking forward to publishing your content and getting millions of followers without having to do anything in the process, you need to know that this is possible. But you need to know that simply creating and publishing content is not adequate.

To be double sure of doing very well on your YouTube channel, you have to make sure that you have promoted it. Without YouTube channel promotions, you can enable the YouTube video.

This article will learn more about how you can comfortably promote your YouTube channel without spending any money. Here are some of the ways that you can make use of to promote your YouTube channel free of charge.

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Use YouTube SEO

You need to know that SEO is the simplest way that you can utilize to be sure of promoting your YouTube channel for free. In addition, you should know that YouTube is the second-largest search engine that we have and is one of the best video-based social media that exists.

People make use of YouTube to do millions of searches. To be sure that your content is getting found on the YouTube platform, you will have to embrace the YouTube SEO to be sure of using the best keywords in your headlines, tags, or even your video descriptions.

Build a Community

One of the top advantages of creating YouTube content is that it dramatically helps set you up as an authority in your industry. As a result, many people will start to look for you to gain more from your knowledge.

You should know that it is pretty easy to build a community on YouTube. The best way to begin this is to make sure that you have interacted fully with your viewers any moment they comment on the videos you have and share other relevant information.

While doing this, you add value to their lives. You can also create a community section on the YouTube platform.

Promote Your YouTube Channel on Social Media

While being so active on your YouTube channel, it is reasonably prudent to make sure that you have created your profiles on other social media pages. Do not panic because this does not mean that you create pages for all the existing social media accounts.

Just select platforms where your viewers are most likely to be. Such media include Facebook. How can you promote your YouTube channel on pages like Facebook? First, you need to know that Facebook has more than 2.8 billion proactive users.

So this means that you can easily reach out to your audience without being stressed. You can comfortably do this by ensuring that you have shared your YouTube videos directly to Facebook. Click the share button of your YouTube channel to do this conveniently. However, you need to know that Facebook primarily rewards native content.

Rather than sharing your YouTube videos on Facebook, it is essential to ensure that you have used your time to develop teaser peek videos that you can post on Facebook then link to your YouTube channel for a full video. It is crucial to have a Facebook page to keep your brand and personal life assorted.

Use Hashtags

Like other social media pages, YouTube makes use of hashtags for their category tagging, as well as search. Using hashtags makes it less complicated for other people to find and watch your videos. Plus, you can use hashtags to categorize your videos without necessarily adding them to playlists.

The good thing with YouTube is that it allows up to 15 hashtags. You can not use more than the said hashtags since your videos will be ignored. The best deal would be to make sure of 3-5 hashtags per video description.

Before utilizing the hashtags, you should make sure that you have taken your time to search the available hashtags to see what is coming up. If you discover a bunch of low-quality content linked to a particular hashtag, you might not be interested in that hashtag and make your content attached with everything else that crops up.

In this situation, you can come up with custom branded hashtags that will bring the audience to more of the content you have so far created.

Promote Your YouTube Channel on Forums

Forums are one of the top places that you can use to promote YouTube channels without spending anything. However, you need to understand that most platforms have strict rules of no promotions. It is crucial to ensure that you have added value to the conversation to get around this.

Ensure you have not just done pop-in, but make sure that you have. Drop a link to the latest video on your YouTube channel and leave. It is also essential to make sure that you fully involve the people in the forum and share your content if it benefits them.

Wrap up

Now that you know how you can promote your YouTube channel free of charge, it is high time you use what has been discussed in this article. With the tips discussed here, you will be sure of getting more YouTube views and have many subscribers.