How to Set up a Photo Booth for a Wedding?

Wedding photos are always incredibly special and memorable. The tension over the core photography of the wedding can be stressful. This is why as an alternate, you can opt for a wedding photo booth for some fun, unexpected cheerful moments at your wedding. 

A wedding photo booth can add more fun to the entire wedding for photography. Here you don’t have to stress over looking perfect and enjoy the moment. The poses can be lighthearted, fun, and entertaining in photo booths. This means you don’t have to worry about looking a certain way. However, there are so many different poses you could do at the photo booth for fun. 

Are you interested in finding out how you could take some fun photos and poses in the photo booth? Well, you’re at the right place for it. Here, we will discuss some of the fun, and cheerful wedding photo booth poses ideas you should try at your wedding. 

How to Set up a Photo Booth for a Wedding?- Explained 

Wedding photos will always be one of the most important factors that should not be taken lightly. However, setting up a wedding photo booth can be challenging, especially if you’re not aware of how you can proceed with the setup. So, here in this section, we’ll let you know the overall process of how you can proceed. 

Find the Perfect Place for Your Photo Booth 

Well, why have a photo booth if no one recognizes it? So, it’s important that you set the booth next to the main part of the reception. You can also try the outside in a caravan or even a corner of the dance floor where you can set up quickly.

You can even consider buying an inflatable photo booth from different e-commerce shops if you want it to be different. However, crafty couples can easily build a wooden frame around which they can hang curtains and put a seat.

Make a Backdrop for the Photo Booth

To be honest with you, the background can be simple or even complicated as you wish, but it should not be a plain and simple white wall. Here are some of the backdrop ideas that’ll surely come in handy.

  • Used books may be glued to pallets to make an astounding backdrop for book lovers. If you want, you can purchase books from thrift stores or even ask your friends for their old and unused books. 
  • For a vintage and rustic photo booth background, you can use two doors and paint them completely white or even buy a room divider. Top it with vines or an old sofa in front.
  • People often rent caravan booths, but if you got the patience and time, you could make your own. Take everything out of the old caravan and put a bench or a camera inside. This will give an aesthetic retro look.
  • Macrame provides your wedding with an instant boho vibe. Moreover, these macrame booths are ideal for an outdoor wedding too.
  • A net curtain on a frame makes a simple yet effective background. Even at night, these simple foil curtains would reflect an aesthetic look. If you want, you can also use rose gold clothes to make this even more decorative.
  • Balloon walls are another easy photo booth option that makes a statement. It enhances the overall beauty of your wedding and even ensures aesthetic photography. 
  • When it gets dark in the fall or winter, celestial backdrops can be a bliss to watch. great. You can also make a background with lights or stars that twinkle, and it’s not even complicated to make a big moon. Cut up some MDF and paint it with metallic spray paint. Afterward, attach it to wooden crates that couples can easily sit on. 

Decide What Kind of Camera You Want Pick

A few different kinds of cameras can be used in a photo booth. The easiest way to do it is with a polaroid camera. Guests can take pictures which will be printed out immediately. However, remember that the movie might stretch our pockets, and the camera costs around $72 and can only take ten pictures.

On the other hand, DSLRs can provide unlimited pictures, but the body and lenses here would take a considerable amount of cash. Moreover, you’ll also need extra batteries and a bit of training to operate the camera. 

So, in our opinion, it’s always a good option to hire professional photographers for this job. 

Bottom Line 

Wedding photos will always be an integral part of the entire event. Therefore, capturing some fun, impromptu moments from it is vital and should not be missed out on if you have a wedding photo booth present. 

These were some of the most fun, intimate and cheerful poses you could do at your wedding, and cherish them forever. While some of these poses may seem silly, you will enjoy every moment in the photo booth with your loved ones. Hence, these wedding photo booth poses ideas can come in handy for your special moments.