How to start monitoring the data quality?

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If you use a resource in your business, you would like to be sure of it, right? Data is the same resource as funding, personnel, raw materials, etc. Therefore, ensuring data quality has become a priority for every company. Masthead offers a handy tool for this.

Why is the data quality observability platform by Masthead a great choice for data monitoring?

When developing their platform, the Masthead team focused on the most important things – reliability, flexibility of the algorithm and data security. Were they able to achieve them? Quite:

  • Data quality monitoring is carried out using the ML algorithm. This approach adapts to large and branched structures. The observability platform quickly adjusts to any changes you make to your data.
  • You get full scale data quality monitoring in real time This means you have more time to respond to an incident and reduce business risks. 
  • The Masthead algorithm only uses logs to monitor data quality. It does not have access to the storage itself, so it does not affect the content and is HIPAA-compliant.
  • The technical side of the data quality observability platform by Masthead is also simple for the user. It is a zero code tool that does not need to be installed. Setup takes no more than 20 minutes.

To optimize the functioning, you can independently set the thresholds for values, the priority of tables, and the methods for sending notifications about anomalies. For example, for the most important tables, you can choose to send a message as soon as an alarm is detected. And you can see the results for the rest of the tables when you log in to the system.

In a short essay, it is difficult to contain a description of all the functions of the product. So go to the Masthead website for more information on data quality monitoring with this platform.