Google Maps is an outstanding app that not only facilitates seamless navigation but also boosts the online visibility of different brands. It boasts of having more than 154 million monthly users. Although there are several ways to track someone on Google Maps, make sure you use simple techniques that are tried, tested and proven.

Read on to learn how to track location by phone number and see someone’s location on Google Maps. There are a few easy tracking options that you will find helpful.

How to Track Them Directly via Google Maps

The easiest way to track a relative, friend or colleague on Google Maps is to request them to turn on location tracking on their device. This method is remarkably effective.

For this solution to work, your target user should agree to share their location with you. The other viable alternative involves getting physical access to their device and turning on location sharing without their knowledge.

It’s worth noting that spying on someone else’s phone without getting their consent can have some adverse legal implications if you’re caught. However, tracking them is completely lawful if:

  • The other person agrees to be tracked
  • You’re tracking a child/minor
  • You own the device being monitored

Here’s how to track someone on Google Maps without them knowing:

  • Unlock the target device, go to Settings and enable Location Sharing
  • Open Google Maps, click on their avatar and tap Location Sharing > Share Location
  • Select “Until you turn this off” and send the tracking link to your email or phone number
  • Launch Google Maps on your device
  • Click on the avatar that’s on the top right side and select “Location Sharing”
  • A list of people who are sharing their real-time location with you will appear. Tap on your target’s name to view their current location on a map

Using Localize.Mobi’s Effective Google Maps Phone Tracker

You might be wondering: can you track someone on Google Maps without them knowing? Well, Localize.Mobi is a discreet tracking app that contains a powerful GPS phone tracker. You can conveniently pinpoint your target’s accurate location using this remarkable feature without raising their suspicion.

Localize.Mobi’s tracking capabilities are simply second to none. You can view detailed information about your subject’s whereabouts, including their coordinates and street address. Impressively, Localize.Mobi also provides their full route history to help you discover where they travel to frequently.

This reliable spy app offers a birds-eye view of your target user’s precise location on an easy-to-read map. Using this GPS tracking feature will make you feel like you’re always there with them.

Localize.Mobi is also equipped with a cool geofencing feature that allows users to set “safe” and “dangerous” zones on a map. Each time your loved one walks out of the safe zone or ventures into the danger zone, you’re automatically notified via email.

The benefits of using Localize.Mobi’s GPS tracker are inexhaustible. Apart from being user-friendly and easy to operate, this app works in stealth mode to avoid spooking the target user. It’s an all-round tracking app that’s perfect for parents, couples and employers alike.

Why Might You Want to Track Someone’s Phone?

There are several situations that could prompt you to track someone on Google Maps. These include:

  • To safeguard your kids

Parents can take advantage of the solutions discussed above to check whether their children are at school, home or wherever else they ought to be. Using a superior Google Maps phone tracker such as Localize.Mobi can make parental control feel like a breeze.

  • To discover whether your partner is cheating

You can track your spouse on Google Maps if you suspect that he/she is having an affair. Some telltale signs of infidelity might include a drastic wardrobe upgrade, improved grooming and an unwarranted hostility towards you.

  • To keep an eye on your employees

Business owners might need to track their personnel to ensure that they’re at their workstations during the agreed periods. Monitoring their phone’s location via Google Maps is a great way to achieve this.


Knowing how to see someone’s location on Google Maps allows you to keep tabs on them discreetly. You won’t need to pester them with frequent phone calls inquiring about their whereabouts. Our extensive research shows that Localize.Mobi is the most reliable Google Maps phone tracker in the market.