How to Understand Whether Magento Is Right for You or Not

As experts in electronic commerce solutions, Branderstudio considers Magento to be one of the best CMSs available. But let’s be honest and admit that this content management system is not suitable for everyone. Now we will try to explain why we refuse some of our clients and say that Magento is not for them. You can order online shop development on such platform at the link:

Limited Budget

Magento feels like a complex system. Developing ecommerce websites based on it takes a lot of time and effort of developers. Specialists in this content management system are skilled craftsmen who have spent years training and learning all aspects of this CMS. Accordingly, the working hours of such Brander specialists cost not a little, and be prepared to pay for them.

Startups and small businesses with limited capital are better off looking at other solutions such as WordPress, Shopify or Joomla. Their functionality will be enough for small online shops with a relatively small assortment. It is easier to understand such CMSs, and if there is a strong desire to master most aspects yourself, it can be done independently.

Lack of Ambition

In our world there have always been and will always be modest entrepreneurs who, for one reason or another, do not want to grow, develop and scale. The reasons may be different:

  • lack of confidence in their own abilities;
  • fear of risk;
  • fierce competition;
  • strict tax policy of the state;
  • complex bureaucracy;
  • war, unstable situation in the country;
  • other reasons.

Branderstudio insists that Magento is suitable for the ambitious. This platform has the potential for expansion; dozens of diverse modules can be connected to it as needed. Its power is such that it can handle the simultaneous presence of thousands of visitors on the site of an online shop. The platform was originally created for large and medium-sized businesses, but not for entrepreneurs who are limited to trading within one city.

Fear of Outsourcing

Outsourcing Magento development services is growing in popularity for one simple reason — entrepreneurs cannot handle this CMS on their own. In fact, the business owner is faced with a dilemma. He needs to either teach all the intricacies of this content management system to his staff, which is very difficult, time-consuming and costly. Or outsource this task, which is faster, cheaper and more profitable in all respects. 

Working with Magento, you will have to learn to trust third-party contractors. Sign a non-disclosure of trade secrets’ agreement with us, because you definitely have something to hide. Every business has a secret, and we understand that very well. Secrets are what make a business successful, because they give you a definite advantage over your competitors. If you are not ready to hire third-party contractors or spend huge resources on training your own Magento development team — then it is better to choose another CMS, simpler. This will be the right decision that will save you from unnecessary costs, frustrations and other problems.