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How to Upgrade The Access Control System in 2022?

Upgrade The Access Control System

The access control system is the first barrier to protect the safety of the living and working environment. It is widely used in office buildings, parks, governments, financial institutions and communities. However, over time, the old access control system needs to be upgraded. The question is, how to upgrade it? What aspects need to be paid attention to during installation and after-sales?

 1. Traffic efficiency upgrade

 During the rush hour, traditional access control cannot achieve safe passage. The main reason is the low traffic efficiency. The new access control system first needs to improve the traffic efficiency. On the basis of ensuring the traffic efficiency, in order to meet the traffic needs of different groups of people, the access control system needs to integrate a variety of door opening methods. For example: face access control, QR code, access control card, mobile phone NFC, etc.

 Taking into account the types of visitors, frequency of visits, length of stay and other factors, the visitor system needs to be seamlessly connected with systems such as turnstile gate, access control, and parking lots to ensure the user experience for both insiders and visitors. Visitors can pass through a combination of internal invitations, online reservations for visitors, and on-site reservations and registrations to ensure the safety of visitors. Temporary visitors, important visitors, and takeaway couriers can set up different forms to enhance the visitor experience.

 2. Hardware function upgrade

 The new access control system should have the function of offline operation without affecting the passage of people. After the network returns to normal, the traffic data will be automatically uploaded to the server. At the same time, when communicating between controllers, readers, cloud servers, and clients that require new access control, each link needs to be encrypted to ensure the security of data transmission.

 In terms of ensuring the safety of visitors, it is necessary to review and verify the double verification of the visitor’s machine ID. The visitor machine can use the second-generation ID card, passport, Hong Kong and Macau pass and other documents to capture the face of the visitor for personal ID comparison, and support the authorization of the visitor’s face, QR code, and ID card to pass.

3. Software management and control upgrade

The new access control system needs to have the ability to connect with the original access control system and to integrate the surrounding subsystems. 1. It can be connected with the access control card or face system to realize the integration of new and old access control data. 2. It can be connected with the third-party parking lot system to realize the management of vehicle owners with complex permissions. 3. It can be connected with the OA/BPM system within the enterprise to realize unified login and user data synchronization.

Macrosafe’s intelligent access management system integrates functional modules such as visitor system, visitor vehicle management, entry safety training, truck control, and more. The system is purchased on demand, supports customized development, and optimizes the management process. The operation is simple and easy to master, which improves the efficiency of security work.