How to Use the Credit Card Generator?

Are you tired of constantly having to submit your credit card details on every random shopping website? Understandably, most users will not be comfortable entering their card numbers online. But, some sites require your bank information even if you’re just browsing through the online store.

To end your worries, we are introducing a reliable and fast ‘fake credit card number generator’ to help secure your basic account information until you enter it onto a reliable website. It will generate a fake credit number that passes the set card number standards around the globe.

So, put your reading glasses on and head to the next section to learn more about the helpful tool. 

What is a Credit Card Generator?

As most users know, a credit card number is a 16-digit number unique to each user and the bank’s branch. Credit cards are the primary means of transaction in most countries around the globe. So, it only makes sense to secure your details and prevent thefts and scams.

With the rise in online transactions, credit card scams are at an all-time high. Therefore, having a backup card number to enter into random shopping websites and apps is a good idea to gauge whether that site is trustworthy. 

The credit card generator does just that. Enter details like brand name, expiry date, month, etc., and the tool will generate a universally acceptable credit card number. In addition, the credit card generator has two options, ‘simple’ and ‘advance.’ 

A simple credit card generator requires basic information, while the advanced feature asks for extra details and money information to generate your number. Therefore, having an additional credit card number can help you immensely, mainly if you belong to the business industry.

How to Use the Credit Card Number Generator?

Using the credit card generator is an uncomplicated process. Besides being simple and straightforward, this tool is also free. In addition, you can generate unlimited credit card numbers that will work for all countries.

 To use this tool, follow these steps:

  • Open the dnschecker.org/credit-card-generator.php website using your web browser.
  • Select whether you want a simple or ‘advance’ number
  • Then enter all the required data, i.e., brand name, card certification value (CVV), expiry month/ year, and the country and bank name (in case of the ‘advance’ option)
  • After entering the required details, select the ‘generate now’ button to get your all-new credit card number.
  • The generated number must be by the ISO/IEC 7812 system.

Once the card number is generated, you can check whether it is according to international standards. For example, a well-founded credit card number contains the following:


The issuer identification number (IIN) is the first few characters of the credit card number. Typically the first six numbers of the card are the IIN. These digits represent the institution that issued the number.


The individual account identifier is the card number minus one from the 7th to the second last digit. It is 12 characters long and is primarily a card identifier.


Lastly, the last digit of the card number is called the checksum. It protects the primary account number and also prevents accidental transactions. 

If the generated card number follows these standard protocols, then it is valid (though still fake), and you can use it on random websites that are not entirely reliable. 

Uses of the Credit Card Generator

A credit card generator has a variety of uses that can help users over the internet. Unfortunately, the internet is not a 100% safe place. Several scammers and frauds happen daily, primarily related to customer account information.

A credit card generator can help you in the following ways:

  • You can use the fake credit card details on websites that require them, even if you’re browsing the products.
  • If you are a business owner, you can enter the number into the payment information tabs to see if your website is compatible.
  • Using a fake credit card number, you can also test your new applications and software. 

Online Frauds

With online shopping on the rise, scammers are also rising. They usually use the credit card generator to create fake but valid credit card numbers for buying products and subscriptions online. The fraudsters work so that most transactions go unnoticed, i.e., they make small payments and use fake addresses.

Users can keep a tab on their online statements to curb fraud. And if you are a business, you can make your model secure by asking for some extra information from the buyers. For example, adding a security code, billing and shipping address, and expiration date details. 


A credit card generator like discussed above can be an online asset for users. Especially if you are a website owner or frequent online shopping, it will keep your money and bank details secure. It is also a free tool, so you can gauge its effectiveness without putting in your account details (pun intended).