I Worked for an Online Casino!

Behind all these well-oiled slot machines, there are indeed human beings. Those who work hard for a pittance, and those who relax in their villa in the Maldives.

Admittedly, this is how the capitalist system of our modern societies is built – and it is in the hope of going over to the side of the haves that we gamble our small and large savings at non GamStop casinos check them on gamblingpro. But moving towards a little more equal pay and reducing the gap between employers and employees, in the ruthless world of finance and gambling, would not be a luxury!   

Julia (not her real name), 24 years old, worked for 3 years for a famous international group of non GamStop casinos. She confided her secrets and reveals to us everything that really happens behind the scenes of these virtual game rooms. 

What Were Your Daily Tasks?

I took care of the English-speaking customer support – that is to say answering emails, live chat and on the phone – that is to say answering all kinds of requests, complaints, technical questions…

I also managed the financial part: payment of players, disputes between players and casino, and also marketing – sending newsletters, social networks etc.

I was the English-speaking referent and I did a bit of everything… There were very difficult days and others less so.

Was There a Specific Training for working in the Online Casino?

No, there is no specific training, but you have to know how the games work, all the casino rules, the general conditions, in addition to banking formalities and other technical statutes. We are trained by the oldest, on the job, you just have to master English and the basic use of a computer.

But I would say that beyond all this and computer skills, above all you need to have people skills – empathy, patience and strong nerves to deal with all player profiles and remain friendly and efficient. 

What Were Your Main Instructions?

I was mainly asked to watch out for suspicious behavior – for example, very large withdrawals had to be reported to the technical team to check if they were not cheating.

The VIPs had to be particularly pampered – they received bonuses with each email or chat or telephone conversation. These were very big players who deposited an average of €10,000 per month.

Was There a Lot of Litigation & About What? 

It was mainly because of the cheaters who used methods to deceive the algorithm of the software, and it was the technical team who had to check if there was any malfeasance or bug in the site – with us or with the player most often, which can happen, sometimes simply due to an internet, electricity or other technical problem. 

Are the Players Friendly Customers?

As often the calls touched on money matters, it can generate some tension. Of course, I had my share of particularly aggressive clients, but most of the time everything went well. Some players are addictive and lose huge sums. Some told me that they had sold everything, and that they had borrowed so much money that they were in debt for life and had lost all their friends and relatives to whom they owed money. It’s really sad and we can only offer them to be struck off, but they are always sure to win a big pot that will allow them to redo…

How Are Payouts & Bonuses Calculated, Is It By Software or Human Calculation?

The bonuses are automatically credited to the player’s account, as well as the winnings obtained from the games. Sometimes we offer bonuses via chat and in this case, we do it manually. The transfer of winnings to players always goes through a third -party payment method (PaySafecard, PayPal or other), we do not have access to personal accounts. 

Was the Casino Deadbeat Sometimes? 

Not with us, in any case I did not have this impression. It was I who took care of the transfers so I know that they were very legit at that level. There was never any controversy when money was won without cheating… 

Do You Know How Much an Online Casino Earns? 

I will say between 400 and 800 thousand Euro per month – it depends on their popularity, but they also have huge fees: game software is very expensive, bonuses are also money, and moreover at us, they were without wagering, so any profit excluded, there is also the license fees, the percentages to be donated to the payment methods, the employees… and the maintenance of the boss’s villa in the Bahamas 😉

Did You Get Paid Well?

Not really no, a pittance – less than €10 per hour. It’s a freelance or subcontracted student job in Africa, in the Maghreb, where you don’t pay taxes. Everyone is relocated and there are very few employees on permanent contracts…

What Is the Average Daily Deposit of an Average Player?

It goes from the player who bets his €10 a day and other €5000… People often over-indebted and excluded from land-based casinos, who clearly suffered from severe addiction. But let’s say that in general it’s around €50, it’s a reasonable amount that allows you to play long enough and often come away with winnings.

Are There Also Many Big Winners? 

Sure!! It happens on average once or twice a month, with winnings of more than €10,000 but otherwise in terms of daily winnings it’s more around €1000, it’s the average withdrawal of regular players…