Idge Words  Meanings words that end with idge

We’ve provided details about Idge words and their meanings in this article.

Are you a word-guessing game player? It’s Wordle. Wordle has become a new obsession for many people from all over the world, including those who hail from Australia, Singapore, India and other countries such as New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Wordle puzzles are full of unexpected answers.

You might find an answer that is ‘NIGHT’ one day, and then it will become ‘TRITE’ the next. To learn more, scroll to the next section.

Why is it trendy?

Wordle is obsessed about the animal kingdom. Wordle 376 answered HUTCH, which is a cage for keeping rabbits or other small pets. Wordle 200 was TIGER. Puzzle 378 suggested a medium-sized waterbird, or a type a heron. The answer was EGRET.

The Wordle today’s answer was similar. Another zoology term was used to puzzle players. Many players were puzzled by the answer to “MIDGE”.

Idge words

These are five words that end in idge

  • Fidge
  • Kidge
  • Midge
  • Ridge
  • Fudge
  • Lidge

You are aware that there are not many five-letter words that end in idge. These words will be easy to remember, and they will come in handy if Wordle’s obsession is again with the animal kingdom.

Midge was the Wordle 399 answer on 23 July 2022. It means a small insect that flies, and can bite. Do you think about mosquitoes, too? Remember five letters? What does Fudge mean? Fudge is soft and chewy. You might also like to see the meanings of Idge words. Continue scrolling.

Meanings words that end with idge

  • Fidge is a synonym for unease, restlessness, or to shake
  • Kidge – Brisk
  • Ridge – A long, narrow and high mountain ridge.
  • Fudge – chewy, sweet, toffee; compromises, cover-up
  • Lidge – To lie, lay; to be excessively drunk

Do you want to learn five letters ending in er? Here is a list of these words:

  • Bauer – farmer, peasant
  • Agger is a mound of soil and sand.
  • Boyer – Bow maker or seller in England
  • Caber – a long, heavy, and wooden pole made of wood
  • Fleer – laugh impolitely

Idge words and words ending in er may appear in your next puzzle. Prepare yourself for the future. These words will help you win the game.

Final Verdict

We can summarize that Wordle answers are varied. It is impossible to predict what level of difficulty and what kind of answers you will get before you play. It would be helpful if you had a good vocabulary and prepared to win the game. You can learn uncountable words with uncountable meanings. Learn more

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